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What was before the Big Bang?

Taken from Multidimensionl Man 2008:

Recently, when illustrating a book on Deep Space (right), I became fascinated about the question of the origin of our universe. When out of my body I posed the question of how the universe began. I hoped to become the eyewitness to the Big Bang. To my great surprise I was confronted with four sounds. I know that scientifically sounds are the result of waveforms; but are they really? Could there be another dimension where sound creates wave forms rather than the other way around? And what is sound anyway? Sound plays an incredibly important role when entering deeper levels of consciousness during meditation, in which you become aware of a higher dimensional reality. This also corresponds to the four forces which science places at the heart of the universe: Gravity, Strong Force, Electromagnetic and Weak Force.

There can’t possibly be anything more annoying for a scientist than having to listen to the unsupported theories of a laymen, who hasn’t the slightest knowledge of mathematics or the finer mechanics of the universe to forward a new theory when there are already so many put forward by the most eminent thinkers and scientists of today.

In a recent BBC Horizon program revolutionary theories of the Big Bang were advanced, gaining a bit, a bit more or very little support from observation. I began to wonder whether the unorthodox mindset of an artist and out-of-body experiencer is really any less valid when so much of our theories are little more than guesswork. And at least my theory was supported by observation, though only my own, and an uneducated one at that, but I only reported what I observed when I requested consciousness to be taken to the “Big Bang”. Suspended within a black void and in full waking consciousness I observed four sounds with their wave forms which influence and modified one another on feedback. A feedback of incredible harmonies and of increasing complexity, escalating and generating an almost infinite complexity of wave forms. At one point the experience became all too much for me and I returned to the relative comfort of my physical identity, but I figured that the feedback process may have reached such a high degree of intensity that it may have finally exploded into a “Big Bang”, but that I did not see. There you have it, problem solved.

The scientist Dr Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina was the only scientist who hinted that wave forms may have been at the root of the Big Bang. Her theory was that the universe could be represented not as an object,

but as a wave. She manipulated the wave form with string theory. It also predicts a multiverse, but it doesn’t assume any pre conditions such as black holes or an infinitely expanded universe.

Things will become a little bit more complicated when scientists begin to search for the origin or such wave forms. This answer has little chance of finding a mathematical solution until scientists begin to embrace the idea of multi dimensions, which spawn their own phenomena and universes.

How can these phenomena be described or explained, when there are not even words for it. At least not words which belong to a mechanical universe such as “consciousness” or “intent” or “awareness”. There will come a point in the unravelling of the mysteries of our universe, where scientists will be as overwhelmed as Dr. Dave Bowman in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey, but they probably already are.

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Recently String Theorist Dr Laura Mersini-Houghton gave a talk about the latest discoveries of the Planck satellite, which proved the existence of Multiverses. This should explain some of the Out of Body experiences some of us have, where we encounter incredibly “physical” environments. We may have simply entered a parallel physical universe, or the mind of an actor within that universe.

Anybody who read Robert Monroe’s book “Journeys out of the body” will remember the part where he lived a parallel life going through a divorce and interestingly the technology he described is also slightly different to ours. I had similar experiences, down to a completely parallel existences.

Dr. Laura Mersini-Houghton states, that the chances of a Big Bang and the creation of our Universe happening by chance are 1 / 10^{10^122} which is infinitely impossible. Instead she proposes wave functions, which when the energy is at tipping point creates a new big bang and with it another universe. Other universes would possibly be observable if we were able to ventured to the edges of our own universe. The Planck satellite has found concrete scientific evidence of this for the first time.

Please have a look at her presentation: