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Credibility Issues and why it is so difficult to prove Out-of-Body Experiences

The greatest criticism Out-Of-Body travellers face from skeptics is the fact that they are unable to supply proof of their OBE excursions, for example by reading messages out of sight from physical view or information from remote locations. The reason for this becomes obvious if we look at the diagram 1 of the sea shell. The shell represents the physical body and the seabed the physical world. The air bubble represents the projected subtle energy body and the area above the sea the higher dimensional counter part. As the OBE body is composed of the energy of the higher dimension its natural attraction is towards it and it passes very quickly from one dimension to the next, like an air bubble would find the quickest way to the surface and into the air.

It is relatively rare for the energy body to remain for any length of time on the physical level. I can count on one hand the number of times I was able to look at my physical body from the outside. OBE travellers often report discomfort whilst still on the physical level or a strong pull either towards it or away from it. Sometimes this can be accompanied by confusion, blurriness, blacked-out vision or disorientation.

OBE excursion take mostly place on the first dimensional counterpart of the physical, which appears to be an exact copy, but isn’t. Travellers often report slight abnormalities which they find confusing, such as the layout of their bedroom having changed, furniture being added or removed, pictures having changed etc. When asked to find information placed at a different location in order to test the authenticity of their experience they will nearly always fail to give an accurate report.

In Multidimensional Man (Page 30) I conducted the following test with my brother who lived 800 miles away:

“It is worth pointing out that while getting more confident I sought ways of confirming the reality of these experiences. To do this I asked my brother in Germany to pin a word on his wall, which I would read when projecting to the house next time and then confirm it via phone. A few nights went buy and then I succeeded in leaving my body. As I projected into his room I was confused by the large number of notices stuck to his wall. I couldn’t focus clearly on many of them, but one stood out and it read:

“4 o’clock, Thursday, take car to MOT”

I phoned my brother the following day and he told that he had only pinned one word to the wall and it read simply “love”. However, he told me that he had a note in his diary to have his car checked in for an MOT that following Thursday, at 4 o’clock.”

Although the locality may look very familiar it will almost certainly differ from its physical location. The content of the minds of people are often displayed in the environment (such as my brother’s notes in his diary and in his head were “physically” pinned to the wall). People’s ideas of changing the decor of the house, whether consciously or unconsciously, are often already a reality on the next dimensional level.

The first clue I found of the notion of multiple dimensions was when I discovered that every place on earth had more than one dimensional counterpart. The lowest dimension resembling the physical most closely and people who just died understandably believe that they are still alive and well as nothing seemed to have changed much. They are often confused that people ignore them as they very quickly lose sight of their physical body (they are really only aware of the energy bodies of their surviving friends which very much resemble their physical bodies.

As they realise and get more accustomed to their new state, they begin to rise into a higher more refined frequency with a corresponding dimension. As they do so, their environment changes to the extend that there is little or no external resemblance to the earthly part they left behind, although there is an uncanny feeling or atmosphere they remember of their earth place, which is still imprinted in the atmosphere of their new environment. We have to bear in mind, that the feelings we have of a locality, a person’s presence or an atmosphere is always experienced via a higher dimensional vehicle, transmitted to the brain and than translated into thought and awareness.

OBE travellers often report very powerful emotional awareness when out of their bodies. Emotions can be vastly enhanced, either positive or negative. It is almost as if the dense physical body acts like a kind of shield of filter, which dulls down the original experience.

As illustrated in diagram 2 our various multidimensional energy bodies correspond to different energy environments. Depending which energy body is activated most in our physical life span will determine the environment we will inhabit once we shed our physical body at death. It is therefore important that we lead a life of psychological hygiene, which will allow us to enjoy a more fulfilling, creative and gratifying existence in the next world. (This will be more fully explained when discussion the multidimensional environments).

Also, the higher and more refined the energy a person develops in their physical life, the closer they are to realising their full potential and the closer connected they are to the universal energy. The quality of life, the creative functions and awareness increase dramatically.

Meditation is a good way to purify our energies while still alive. As a result we are likely to experience an increased awareness, living in a continuous present. Peak experiences are more frequently realised, often on a daily basis.

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Multidimensional Man



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