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The Big Issues of Life, Death and the Universe

For too long has man relied on the authority of outdated texts and scriptures, on spiritual leaders, philosophers, gurus and beliefs demanding faith and trust, without the prospect of validation. The old paradigms are crumbling. We have the power and the means to rely on our own inner experience to find reality and truth for ourselves.

Here I am going to forward in more depth my observations gathered during my out-of-body excursions. These should not be taken at face value and I encourage OBE travellers to check these issue for themselves. In the end it may be the consensus of many of us arrived at by personal experience rather than adopted beliefs, which may provide us with some form of scientific bases in the absence of traditional scientific methods to establish the reality of our multidimensional universe.

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“Do you believe in God?”

What was before the Big Bang?

Shape Shifters

OBE Mechanics

What are Artificial Entities?

Attracting invisible Guides and Helpers

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