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Awareness instead of belief (Interview)

Diagram of consciousness and corresponding dimensions:

(on the right traditional esoteric equivalent)

I am an observer and a reporter. This is not a website to put forward a point of view or to dismantle other investigator’s methods of probing into the unknown, whether they use imagination, hypnosis, clairvoyance, Lucid Dreaming, science, mathematics or projection or any combination of these. We are still at the very the beginning of unlocking our final frontier, our  true nature and the origin of our universe, of which we still know very little. It would be wrong to dismiss any method until they have proven themselves to be insufficient tools for uncovering the truth.

It is natural for people having arrived at a conviction or belief to defend it and even belittle  others who do not share their conviction. This is not in the spirit of this website. It is about finding consensus and arriving at truth, even if it leads through uncharted territories.

I find religious and philosophical beliefs a distraction. Instead I favor awareness of the present and instead of belief I favor intuitive awareness of potentiality.

There are as many beliefs, religions and ideologies as there are people, which are often concentrated into consensus beliefs which form the major religions and ideologies. History has shown that mankind doesn’t fare too well when belief systems are pitched against each other. Naturally, I am in no position to judge people’s beliefs, which seem to be part of our psychological program, but personally I regard belief as a cloud obscuring the sun of reality.

Instead of belief I favor a dynamic awareness of reality. Instead of prayer I favor meditation in which I ask consciousness to reveal its inner mystery.

Occasionally when contemplating “being” (an uninterpreted awareness of the present) I find stillness, yet I am hesitant to give it a name or burden it with meaning. I know nothing about God though on rare occasions I experience consciousness at its most quintessential - infinite, unfathomable, but always as a very natural and intimate state at the root of my being.

Sometimes, during meditation, I slip out of my body into in an alternative reality whilst retaining full waking awareness. It is these states of awareness which are at the root of this website and subject to my on-going investigations.

It is my endeavor to demystify death and help remove our fear. Until recently death belonged to the realm of religion and superstition. We are now waking up to explore it like any other natural phenomena which can be mapped out via Out-of-Body experiences. More and more people, including scientists, are using techniques to achieve this. In due course more fail-safe methods of exploration will be developed and interaction with the next dimension will be science’s new frontier. New cognitive methods and ways of thinking will be developed to solve our problems. We will learn to think from the inside of our object of inquiry rather than look at it from the outside.

The longest Out-of-Body experience sustained in full waking consciousness that I have experienced was in 1976, and lasted from midnight to the early hours of the morning. The information gleaned during this time was considerable. Many of these observations were later confirmed during my subsequent Out-of-Body experiences.

As it is my goal to make reality or truth the foundation of my life, I have tried to filter out the reality of the experience of alternate dimensions from fantasy ‘overlays’, which are subjective projections, that distort the actual reality. Common sense and reason are prerequisites in achieving this. Separating reality from imagination is a tremendous challenge for out-of-body explorers and lucid dreamers, as it is almost impossible to do in dimensions where thoughts can become tangible objects. I will explore this in more depth under another heading.

It appears from my observations that the physical universe has multidimensional counterparts, the same as our physical body has multidimensional counterparts which correspond with the different dimensions. The multidimensional counterparts of our physical body can best be described as states of consciousness.

I found during meditation that I could shift my awareness through different dimensional bodies and when I stepped out of my physical body using the dimensional body I was in a corresponding dimension which had the same apparent objective reality as this physical universe.

The quality of awareness increases the higher the aspect of the dimensional body. I can best describe it as being an increased sense of “coming home” or “being home”, a tangible awareness of increased security and union with the core element of my being. This awareness was enhanced by an attitude of childlike surrender to a power which offered absolute nurturing security and a sense of connectedness with other individual units of consciousness. At the same time there is an increased sense of having woken up from a kind of dream which constitutes my normal physical state.

However, on the rare occasions, when I entered a state of consciousness which can only be described as singularity (or a state of oneness with everything around me). The experience took on an almost alarming dimension in as much as any feelings of personal identity as a human being was totally stripped away and replaced by intense clarity and “neutrality” (Multidimensional Man - The Final Frontiers). I believe such an experience can have a powerful transforming effect on cognitive habits.