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There is a wormhole right in the centre of our brains which can catapult us into a parallel world. This world can be experienced with the same level or greater conscious waking awareness as our physical life.

This website is to document my on-going investigations into our multidimensional universe and is based on my out-of-body journals gathered over a period of nearly forty years of exploration. Strict criteria were adhered to when compiling my reports.

During the OBEs I had to have:

1.Full waking consciousness

2.Full awareness of my social identity

3.Full awareness of the location of my physical body (usually in bed or in deep meditation)

4.Full awareness of being in an altered state of consciousness.

Only when these criteria were met would they be entered into my journals. The most relevant and interesting results were compiled in the book, “Multidimensional Man”, which also investigates levels of consciousness and the nature of our multidimensional universe, not from the viewpoint of a mathematician or scientist, but in a more lyrical way from the viewpoint of an artist.

I am not trying to convince anybody of the validity of my experiences. I am just a reporter and investigator, reporting what I have seen and experienced. It is not my aim to set up a new belief system, propagating unprovable theories, although I hope to stimulate discussion and inspire people to conduct their own investigations, and perhaps share them with others.

However, I will be bold enough to publish here what I have discovered, including my own interpretation of the phenomena I have encountered and I am happy to have them disproven if they are wrong.

Encouraged by current research into consciousness, lucid dreaming, near-death experience and the general acceptance amongst scientists that we live in a multi-dimensional universe, the reason I feel confident in publishing what I’ve observed is that in recent years an increasing number of people (including scientists) have been reporting lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences. This would make a huge difference in increasing awareness of a multidimensional universe and higher states of consciousness and hopefully encourage more of us to explore our current frontiers. Our multidimensional universe is no

An ongoing investigation into out-of-body states of consciousness and multidimensional realities

To view extracts from the book click on the image above, then click “preview this book” under the cover illustration.

Out-of-body journals

longer just a mathematical problem, but a real frontier which can be accessed through a metaphorical wormhole in our minds. All that is needed is focus and attention and to follow the best of numerous tried and tested methods as published by experienced OOB explorers to gain entry into this exciting world. Once these new realities are experienced it is easy for anybody to make up their own mind about the nature of these mind-bending new frontiers.

I believe research and investigation into consciousness is vital in order for us to solve our increasingly complex social and environmental problems. No doubt, sooner or later, science will discover easier methods of unlocking the doors to the next dimensions within our brains, by locating the right spot within our brain and methods of utilizing it. I feel this must and will lead to a new paradigm shift in our human evolution. The more mankind investigates out-of-body realities the more likely we are to achieve a consensus of what our multidimensional world is made of.

I feel privileged to make what I’ve found available to others for wider discussion and critical inspection. I will gradually expand the content of this site to include the following areas: states of consciousness and their relationships to the dimensions and how the phenomena of life after death and past life makes rational and logical sense.

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