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Not So Frequently Asked Questions

On OBE Travel

Question: At the early stages of your travels, you apparently had a relatively easy time traveling to locations of your intent. I.e. visiting your family frequently. This is astounding to me, as I, and others I know, find it very difficult to travel to specific places on our own intent. Was there any specific process of mechanism you were employing to travel like this, or is it something that was just natural to you?

Answer: An emotional link to the place you wish to travel to is the most reliable way to get there. In my case it was my strong attachment to my family home. It is helpful to bear in mind that on the next non-physical dimensional level emotion is the prime moving force. Examples of such an emotional link could be your girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe a place you have visited in the past and you feel attached to.

Question: At some points you mention using a mantra to bring you "power" whilst traveling. As you write it, it seems like this gave you much stability and ability to traverse the dimensional levels. I suspect that the specific mantra itself is not relevant to the process, but do you know what kind of force you were tapping into when you did this? Shifting dimensional levels seems like a very delicate process and I would appreciate any light you can shed on the topic.

Answer: There are two aspects to this. The first one is simply the vibrational power of the mantra which vibrates and spreads out from the highest dimensional level connecting the user to its very origin (the mantra can be seen as a creative force in itself if it is used properly - though this calls for a separate topic to explain it in any depth). By tuning into the vibration of the mantra you are in a sense hitching a ride by aligning yourself its energy. It is essential to have complete faith and trust in the process to get it to work properly, such as a feeling of complete surrender to the mantra.

Secondly we have to concern ourselves with emotion and feeling on the astral dimensional levels. A positive (pure) feeling of love will shift your energy into a higher gear and lift you onto a finer dimensional level. Sometimes this fails when there is an underlying “ulterior” motive which you may not even be aware of, such as wanting to “escape” from something including the level you are on, in other words, if there is still a negative attribute lingering, rather than surrendering to the pure positive aspect.

On Meditation

Question: In one instance you mention that a being stimulated a "fire" in your heart area/chakra. As you might know, this is a very notorious energy. Do you have any more elaboration on that, even how to stimulate or find it?

Answer: The person I mentioned in the book in the chapter “Meeting the master” was quite a powerful individual and spiritually highly evolved. By massaging my (astral) heart region he helped to literally “open my heart”, which later allowed me to enter the more sublime super dimensional levels where you operate within a more refined energy body. By "massaging" my heart region he opened my heart chakra, which was so powerful that I even felt the effect physically for two weeks after the event, experienced as a not unpleasant burning in the middle of my chest.

It is essential to clear your emotions in order to enter the higher dimensions. I refer to this as “psychological hygiene”. Some people mention you should try to operate on a level of “Unconditional Love”. You don’t need outside help to do this. It is a matter of practice, conditioning and attitude. The best yoga practice for this is daily life, showing goodwill towards fellow forms of consciousness which is not only animals and people but also objects and situations.

Question: You have mentioned meditating whilst outside the body to gain clarity and control. Meditation can mean different things to different people, so what is your exact definition of "meditating"?

Answer: To me meditation means living in the present or as Eckhard Tolle says, “living in the now”. Meditation begins by forming a habit that allows you to put yourself in control of your thoughts, which means if you focus during meditation on the light, a mantra or anything else and thoughts pop up you simply say, “OK, now lets go back to the focus” without any force whatsoever. It is the continuous “OK, now lets go back to the focus” which is the most powerful aspect of meditation not necessarily the object of the meditation, such as the light or the mantra and can almost be anything. What you are doing is conditioning your mind into following your intent. It’s a bit like training a dog. Once you have achieved this you simply focus on consciousness during meditation and during your daily life. You’ll gradually find yourself living more and more in the present or in the “Now”. Your focus becomes much better too as a result and your life more rewarding, blissful even. There is no reason why you cannot meditate whilst out of the body which can have spectacular results.

Question: On the topic of meditating, do you know what is an optimal way to become more able at perceiving and expanding with/through the consciousness? I have been attempting for a while to do this, but without much success.

Answer: A common misconception is that meditation needs somehow a lot of effort or discipline. Quite frankly, the opposite is the case. It’s more a matter of favoring focus on whatever you are meditating on instead of the thoughts which inevitably arise. Thoughts are OK, as long as they don’t dominate us. Thoughts can be great fun and we have developed a whole industry creating entertainment for our thoughts. The trick is to be able to decide which thoughts we want or whether we want them at all and instead enjoy the underlying serenity of the present moment without thought distraction. Meditation to me is habituating the mind so it finally naturally follows our intent. It is not to control our mind or dominate it. As such meditation is a beautiful experience, because we never reject our thoughts we just regard them like our children we love, but who we won’t allow to tyrannise us. The aim of the meditation should be: "OK, now lets gets get back to our focus", it is this process which is important not the focus itself such as light, sound or mantra. Once focus follows your intent effortlessly your attention simply lingers quite naturally on reality, the moment, the present, God or whatever you wish to call it.

Once we have freedom from the compulsion of thinking we simply focus our attention on awareness or consciousness itself without any attributes dictated by our thinking or imagination, which means we live in the present and become aware of what makes the present. We live in reality.

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On Meditation (cont.)

Question: Many chant different Names of God and mantras. The specific thing they chant does mean something because they are utilizing that specific Name of God/mantra.

Answer: There is often a misunderstanding about the use of mantras. Some people think just by chanting and repeating the mantra they are getting closer to the higher consciousness or God. I found this to be an illusion. When seen from a higher level such chants look more like a marble clattering around endlessly in an empty jam jar without ever leaving it’s confines. Often the chanter even thinks about other things while chanting like some robot or tape recording, clearly without the heart being in any way connected. This is as pointless as planting a crystal in the ground and expecting it to grow into an oak tree.

As pointed out previously the mantra can be a powerful vehicle for transporting consciousness into subliminal levels, but we will have to engage with the mantra. The most effective way is by totally surrendering to or identifying with the mantra. This way the mantra is no longer an object of our meditation but it’s manifestation with which we will have merged.

On Contacting the Deceased

Question: Can those in the middle areas or dimensions "look back" and check up on their loved ones still in the physical?

Answer: The way the “dead” check up on their loved ones still in the physical body is via their respective energy bodies, which means people living in the medium or higher dimensions relate directly to the corresponding energy body of the “living”. If the deceased relative chooses to influence or communicate with you, it is via your energy body which corresponds to theirs on the particular dimension they are on. Though very few of us will be able to be aware of such subtle communication simply because our main focus is physical. But dreams are often an enabler for communication. They can even influence certain circumstances in the life of those left behind, and even more so the higher the level they operate from.

They can have instant access to the person back on earth via the corresponding energy body. You have to bear in mind that every person is a multidimensional entity with energy bodies corresponding to all dimensions which feed on different information from corresponding dimensions, such as feelings of hate from the lowest dimension and love from the highest. There is a whole spectrum of energies and feelings being generated via different dimensions.

In answer to your question, the higher a person evolves after death through the dimensions, the closer and more intimately they can relate to the person still living on the physical level. Their power to offer help and positively influence those on the physical level increases. There is little chance of expecting much help or communication from a deceased relative if they are on a very low level, except through negative energies.

Thats why in some Eastern cultures such as Japan etc people pay their respect to their ancestors and pray to them for their help, though help is not necessarily always forthcoming because it depends on a vast variety of factors.

It is much better of course, to activate your higher dimensional bodies and rely on your own help.

Question: How do you know that your experiences are real experiences in the afterlife and not just experiences created in your physical brain?"

Answer: Perhaps you will need to ask yourself, How do you know that your experiences are real experiences in the Physical World  and not just experiences created in your physical brain?

During OBE’s you are no longer located in your physical body (that is why modern consciousness research scientists refer to this state as non-local consciousness). This fact has been proven by many experiencers, including myself, the ability to think and observe reality while dissociated from the physical brain. In a combined study, collected in a scientific peer reviewed research paper entitled “Consciousness beyond the Body” (free to download) I listed an experiment conducted with my brother 800 miles away. The afterlife reports are chronicling experiences conducted in total waking state of consciousness, frequently interacting with independent "awareness units” (Tom Campbell), in other words, people interacting with you as sovereign independent individuals which are unpredictable, just like in physical life.

On Artificial Entities

Question: A certain point in your book you mention encountering a man who had servants and such which were artificial entities who looked and acted real, and even had personalities and intentions. Was there anything in particular about these entities which marked them out clearly as non-living beings?

Answer: Artificial Entities (AEs) are not normally something of an issue to the projector, especially as they tend to be attached to their creators. To identify them you can rely on your intuition. At first glance artificial entities can look very convincing, but you soon realise there is an element of remoteness to them and although they can appear to have personalities these are usually the results of the projections of their creator and lack authenticity. When compared to real people, the lack of real soul becomes a clear giveaway. People with a strong sex drives often create such artificial entities subconsciously to gratify their needs either in their dreams or lucid dreams and they are inevitably compliant. You may have come across reports on some forums that they made love to a famous film star such as Angelina Jolie etc. These of course are just projections. This applies to almost any celebrity you may meet.

Encountering negative astral entities is restricted to the lower levels and are rarely a problem for the projector unless they are their creator or tuned into their wavelength. Mostly projectors are invisible to them. AEs depend on the energies of their creators to sustain them and they are usually transient, though they can be sustained by habit and need.

AEs come in all shapes and sizes, they can be animals or even cartoon characters as I found out on a fairly recent encounter, where they were the products two comic artists, who have shown me around their cartoon world creations with an element of justifiable pride.

AEs can also be extremely attractive, both in appearance and demeanor with angelic qualities. They act like “container” shapes of good will and positive energies, such as love and healing energies, which they will direct towards their intended target.

(For more information please see appendix C in “Multidimensional Man”)