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Life after Death 1
Description of the Dimensions - The Phenomena

Neuroscientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor lost the use of her left brain hemisphere after a stroke. Rather than experiencing less awareness,she experienced a higher state of consciousness due to the shift of attention from the left to the right brain hemisphere. Her experience was similar to higher dimensional Out-of-bBody states.

Exert taken from Multidimensional Man:

“Surprisingly, it has taken science quite a long time to realise that we are part of a multiple-universe. It is the same paradigm shift for our perception as the discoveries of fire, the wheel and that the Earth is a sphere and revolves around the sun. Incredibly, psychology and the science of the mind still need to catch up and move beyond looking at consciousness as a function of biological and chemical events within the brain.

What we will have to acknowledge is the fact that the universe ‘outside’ not only has its origin in other dimensions, but that we as living organisms are at every moment operating in other dimensions without realising it, here and now. In fact, to imagine that we could function as purely physical dimensional entities strikes me as absurd, because it would be akin to imagining that the Earth could exist without the space it is suspended in.

Incredibly, we still believe that the brain is the main storage organ for everything we experience. Considering the fact that every moment – every split second – we encounter trillions of bits of information via our vision alone, it is clear that scientists still have no idea as to where or how the data is stored. All we know is that the brain’s synapses process the data. By studying the brain from a biological viewpoint we may understand its function but not its deeper mystery.

When looking at it from the next dimension up the brain is a fantastic relay station – a processing and communication plant between two dimensions. The information appears to be stored on another dimension altogether in a state that simply cannot be attributed to molecules or physical atoms. This doesn’t apply only to the information gathered in our present time-space continuum, but also to information gathered while living in different energy configurations such as previous lives and inter-lives.”

The strongest energies for creativity on the lower levels are derived from subconscious energies. The whole landscape of the lower levels appear to be shaped by subconscious energies rather than the creative intent of the inhabitants. The lower strata are still very much subject to man’s fears, anxieties, drives, lower desires and insecurities over which they have little or no control. I have come across monstrous buildings which were not designed by any architect, but which had grown gradually from fear and other primordial forces. They had simply been pulled into particular shapes by the attention of the inhabitants. They became monuments of the prevailing atmosphere of the locality. Once I came across some monstrous brick towers, which were hardly functional and most likely unoccupied, but they were like advertising boards for the region. These structures were as solid as any of the other buildings. There are buildings which are little more than ruins, derelict like the inhabitants battling with their psychological and emotional shortcomings. When I came across the dimensional counterpart of the red light district of Hamburg, with its corrupt atmosphere, I found the inhabitants living in filthy hovels in an atmosphere of hostility and mistrust and there was little anybody could do about the state of their living conditions. In other regions I visited I found monstrous Gothic buildings, overbearing, with gaping holes for windows, rock solid, the stuff of nightmares, and the result of a collective mind and prevailing atmosphere. Good source material for inspiration for horror movies.

On the higher levels it is a totally different matter. The architecture surpasses easily the grandest designs we may ever have encountered on this earth or even dreamed of (see Multidimensional Man chapter: Sight-seeing tour of a big city for a better description). Their beauty is derived from the sheer pleasure and play of creativity of the architect who is motivated by providing joy, visual entertainment and enrichment for their fellow souls. All these structures have a certain permanency simply because they become part of the mindset of the inhabitants living here. I found this out when I tried to change certain architectural details on one building, which I succeeded with at first, only to find that my alterations morphed back into the previous design once my attention weakened.

Thought Forms generated by subconscious energies:

I have found that large part of these environments were the creations, often quite transient, of some kind of subconscious energies of either the inhabitants or us (still living physical lives), which formed part of their consensus environment.

At one OOB event I encountered a large amorphous structure, a solid 30 foot sculpture, which had a strange eerie atmosphere. By getting close and touching it, my intuition quickly revealed its origin. It had a distinct unmistakable feel to it, an emotional imprint to being a manifestation of some anticipated foreboding, generated by a group of people either still alive on earth or on the level I found myself in. The material it was made from was hard, dark and porous. When I checked in later to the same locality after returning from my excursion, the thought form had shrunk and almost completely disintegrated. I considered the fact that the sender’s attention had been withdrawn, hence the energies sustaining the object had dissipated.

On higher dimensional levels I have encountered incredible thought forms generated by more lofty ideas, which were fantastically aesthetic, symmetric, beautiful and sublime. It was impossible not to be inthralled by them and seduced into exploring their origins.

The environments on all levels respond to thought. Not always in the dramatic way indicated. More modest positive thought on a higher level may simply influence a nearby tree to sprout more beautiful blossoms. On the lower levels negative thoughts may cause colour to fade or become murky, vegetation may shrink and wilt or a feature in the environment may reflect a person’s thought.


When out of the body you may also encounter simple dreamers who are completely unaware that they are dreaming. On several occasion I came across dreamers, who I identified by a somewhat absent - minded look, a bit like day dreamers do on this level. I could see that they were in a world of their own, but I was unable to see their dreams nor was in any way able to participate in them. It looked as if they had removed themselves into an environment which was on a very personal frequency. On one occasion I came across a whole group of people who seemed to be lying around fast asleep.

I asked an inhabitant what had happened to these people. He told me that they had ingested some kind of drug which allowed them to have incredible visions and experiences. I was totally surprised by this answer and for a moment wondered whether he was pulling my leg, but he was serious. Until then I thought ingestion of drugs was a uniquely physical phenomenon. I concluded that these people were also visiting worlds on their own frequency. I imagine that Lucid Dreams too may happen on an individual frequency, although I strongly believe that some lucid dreams may actually be Out-Of-Body experiences which take place in a consensus environment. (Consensus environments are realities which can be shared by others like our physical environments)

Mental Projections:

Especially on the lower level it is easy for people to mistake their often short-lived mental projections and aberrations as realities. I once came across a woman who was imprisoned in a ten foot square cell, made out of whitewashed cement with no doors or windows. I tried to persuade her to leave her prison by suggesting that it was no more than a solidification of her feelings (she was suffering from an intense feeling of self pity), but she rejected this. Angrily she pointed out to me that there were no doors or windows and consequently no way of escaping. She totally ignored trying to explain my appearance. I knew though that eventually her self-pity would be exhausted and the walls of her prison would simply disintegrate.

I believe it is lazy habits and dislike of the unknown which may condemn us to follow old beliefs rather than walk through doors within our minds to enter wondrous new worlds offering untold powers, treasures and adventures.

The greatest challenge Out-Of-Body investigators face is to ascertain whether what they encounter is in fact real and not just a figment of the imagination. We tend to judge what is real by a completely subjective impression of what enters our senses. Generally we consider being fully awake and aware of our identity and being able to share the world we experience with other people as proof that we experience reality. Rather than diverting into big philosophical arguments, most people will probably come to an arrangement with this interpretation. It becomes more complicated when being fully awake and aware when out of the body. The sheer multiplicity of phenomena we are often faced with when out of the body makes it tempting to dismiss the whole experience as an illusion, a dream or fantasy and to regard our experiences as cognitive abnormalities, dreams in which our consciousness has been tricked into waking awareness, rather than to explain its reality and the laws that make it so. Having had OBEs for almost 40 years I have become aware of distinct patterns and consistencies, which leave me without doubt that OBE experiences are actually taking place in parallel universes which follow their own laws. This is only confusing because of the incredible complexities and astonishing laws and phenomena we are faced with.

I have found it helpful to break my experiences down into categories and then try to understand what lies at the root of their phenomena. Lucid dreamers I have talked to often question whether their experience, however vivid, have the same reality as our physical experience and can be verified by consensus and scientific cross-referencing. Until we are able to conduct dream sharing or joint OBEs on a scientific basis, however, I feel/believe we will be unable to deliver proof of the reality of other dimensions.

Another way to do this, I have found, is by repeated subjective observation, ideally carried out by a large number of OBEers, noting, revisiting and observing the same phenomena time after time. However, this will require a concerted research effort. At present there is no way I can prove the observations, theories and conclusions I have put forward as true, but I hope to be able to encourage other OBEers to watch out for certain phenomena next time they have an Out-Of-Body Experience (work in progress). This could serve as a kind of statistical basis. As previously stated I am open to having my own findings questioned and disproved. After all, it is reality that we are searching for. So I will simply report what I have discovered so far about the nature of parallel dimensions.

We are at a new frontier of consciousness and about to penetrate and understand the next dimension. For society the benefits will be more revolutionary than anything we have so far achieved as a species.

I will start by outlining broad categories which I have encountered during my Out-Of-Body visits into this fascinating parallel universe. The majority of OBEers and I share a conviction that the environments we travel though are the same as we will inhabit after our physical death.

In order to begin to gain clarity about the next dimension it is important to accept how the different phenomena we encounter are generated. Below I have singled out six types of environments which make up the territory, each one brought about via a different genesis. To make it clear I will illustrate each one of them with one of my own experiences. All of them have in common that they have been observed on more than one occasion:

Consensus Environments:

These environments are created by the more permanent inhabitants of the dimension (dead people) as well as the habitual and creative thoughts of people still leading physical lives, all of which creates a super-dimensional counterpart, which is very similar to our physical world, with cities, shops and shopping centers, even cars. Everything has a copy, which is more or less like anything on earth. There are also super-dimensional counterparts of everything that exists in the physical universe, expressed in different energy configurations from dimension to dimension. Though when visiting the counter part of an earthly city, there is a certain “alienness” brought about by a altered mindset of the permanent inhabitants

So the traveller will discover that the lower-dimensional level is more or less a replica of this physical world, plus the idiosyncratic changes of the permanent inhabitants, which is frequently reported by explorers when they first visits these regions, starting with them noticing slight alterations in their immediate environment, furniture has changed, been moved or added to, the layout of the house may be different, carpets have been added or acquired a new texture etc. They may also be surprised that they cannot see their physical body lying in their beds as they might have expected when realizing that they OBEed, simply because their awareness has now transferred into the dimensional counterpart of their physical body whilst transcending the physical dimension.


On some occasions other travellers, and I myself, have experienced traveling through voids or blackness. Whether these are actual environments or a product of our inability to tune into the new super-dimensional environment is not clear. Some people may argue that we create all the experience on the hoof so to speak and there could simply be an inability of our brains to generate the information quickly enough, (because of the unusual state it is in) to do so. I, personally, have experienced environments which were no more than empty spaces, with, for example, lights floating by or bands of colour until, when deepening my awareness or wakefulness, I have found some kind of environment emerging.


The most enjoyable aspect, at least for me as an artist, is having the ability to employ fantasy and creative abilities to shape the environment. This is not as easy as it may sound, especially on the lower levels or dimensions which are more earth-like and a lower frequency, making it difficult to be creative, such as conjuring up objects which can almost be automatic on the higher levels.