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Inhabitants of the first and lower dimensions are still dealing with personal conflict, psychological and the ones which were caused by the skeletons left in their cupboards during the past earth existence, meaning in one way or another they are compelled to deal with guilt and the problems their past actions have caused and the effect it had on other people. They also have to confront the flaws of their character which is reflected in varying shades of bleakness of their surroundings.

On the lower levels most new arrivals will experience their new world as some kind of copy of earth, though with an important difference. No longer do they have the protection of self deception which largely shielded them from the consequences of their action when in the physical body. But here emotions are heightened and any feelings, which rise to the surface, find their expression in the surroundings.

On the lower levels people are concerned with readjustment and orientation, trying to make sense of the fact that all the things they have tried to keep under lock and key during their earth life now demand to be dealt with and are often attracting the attention of their new companions of a similar ilk. This is not always very pleasant, but there is no getting away from the fact that people will have to deal with their deficiencies and put their demons to rest if they want to progress to the more agreeable places they will find on the medium dimensions.

Most well adjusted people will not dwell for long within the lower levels if at all and it is within the Medium Dimension that we will reap the harvest of our positive selves. Here we will be the beneficiaries of our positive natures and will realize more and more that we are not separate individuals, alienated from each other and the world around us. We begin to appreciate a connection to our fellow souls, which makes us feel much more at home, feeling part of a family-like community, especially as like-minded people are drawn together to form new communities. We will have learned to respect all fellow life forms and stopped putting ourselves above others. In any case, the prevailing atmosphere is such, that it is easy to see and sense that we are all somewhat connected and that the pleasure of our lives here is enhanced by sharing, love for each other and goodwill. This doesn’t strip us of our individuality, our ideosynchracies which includes our slight flaws in character, quite the opposite. As we are less focused on our egoistic selves, we are more able to express and explore our individuality and potential, encouraged by the people we share our environment with.

Of course the dimensional division outlined here are not clear cut. There are many finer subdivisions between the dimensions. We are grouped together via sympathetic frequencies, territorial as well dimensionally.

Our new home feels much more like our ideal home of earth. People are observed who have recreated the homes of their childhood, reliving the happy times or move straight into the new home of their dreams. The atmosphere can vary from the intense activity of mass entertainment to tranquil seclusion into the serenity of a haven of peace, but wherever I found large groups of people I observed a celebratory atmosphere. On several occasions I was drawn into festivals, festivities and “parties”. I imagined that the reason for this was the fact that so many kindred spirits are attracted to each other and often share large communities, even cities. There is simply so much reason to celebrate with the absence of the stresses earthly lives had posed. Just imagine what it would feel like to have all your wishes come true. Would you not feel like celebrating?

Large parts of my out-of-body experiences took place here and I was able to gather detailed accounts of the life.

(See Multidimensional Man Page 136-166)

Because the mind has been set free from most of the personal issues which occupied people on the lower levels, creativity is greatly enhanced. Here we can make abundant use of our super powers, mainly the powers of intent, expectation, desire and creativity, in order to manifest our hearts desires and make our most cherished dreams come true.

This is an important stage in our development as individuals and just demonstrates how beautiful and perfectly nature and the universe functions. This is the only way lifelong stresses of frustrated impulses and desires can be offloaded and balanced out. These are the remedial levels which do in a positive way what the lowest levels did in the negative.

Here we are all lottery winners, but much more than that. All the cliches of the proverbial “Summerlands” are true here and it is best to project there yourself in order to get the complete pictures of what it really can mean. The increase of energy which allows us to soar and fly (literally  - on the lower dimensions the common mode of transport is by foot rather than flying as this demands energy and positive emotion). Here we are carried by the wings of joy and pleasure. The environment communicates with us in a joyful way. Positive feeling have an instant effect on our surroundings, flowers bloom, sounds evolve out of the atmosphere and colours materialise. The path we walk on may reveal a beautiful tapestry and the water splashing down the stream beside us may harmonise with our thoughts by turning into a beautiful melody. I even found birds and other animals responding to me in such a friendly manner that it was akin to falling in love.

Bonds between friends and family on this level are very rewarding. On one occasion my mother, who had died twelve years earlier reintroduced me to her friends, who I had come to love as a child and the affection they showed me was overwhelming. There is a feeling of celebration and enjoyment and when people talk about your rewards are in heaven this is probably the place they are thinking of. But as we will see later this simply pales into insignificance once we evolve to even higher dimensions.

(See Multidimensional Man Page 167-186)

Life after Death 5

The Intermediate Dimensions - Where dreams come true

The Universal Matrix

It was on these levels that I began to analyse the mechanics of manifestation and how and why what is created is so incredibly real. Until then I wondered whether what existed on theses levels was nothing but an illusion, like a Hollywood filmset, all surface and no substance. For example if I was very fond of driving a luxury car, and let me assure you these forms of transport appear to be mostly absent from the regions I visited, but for arguments sake I had manifested such car would it be all shell without engine, powered by thought alone? The answer would be negative. The moment you looked under the bonnet you would find a fully functioning twelve cylinder engine, an exact replica of its £200,000 Earthly counter part.

I noticed that everything ever designed, invented, created, thought of is engraved into a universal matrix. This can be compared to a universal computer hard drive. The moment the right creative trigger or request is sent to the central processing unit the hard drive releases the information on the screen, though in this case it is a three dimensional object. The only requirement is that to request the information or in this case the object, the energy current has to be of the right frequency, which demands positivity. Thats is the reason why it is so difficult to manifest on the lower dimensional levels.

But this is not always as easy as it sounds. Energies which have been build up over a lifetime, such as the desire for an unaffordable expensive car is more likely to manifest, but only if it has the right kind of positive energy behind it. Building structures such as houses, still demands focus and concentration and we will find there is still a call for architects and builders and any possible trade who find it easier, simply because their minds have bin habituated and skilled by the experience of their learned profession to manifest.

I visited whole cities of such architectural magnificence that it defied belief and I realised at once the advantages of creative thought in a region which does not have to deal with issues such as gravity, inertia and the economics of supply and demand, but only the creative skill and desire to manifest and realise.

I discovered that skills and objects are traded here as much as they were on earth without the use of money, but instead the currency of good will. I visited large markets, craft fairs and incredibly abundant “shopping” centres.

On one occasion I also visited what could only be described as the equivalent of ten-star hotels, with restaurants and recreation facilities which were literally out of this world. Being surprised to find people serving visitors, I enquired why anyone would volunteer to serve other people. I was then introduced to a waiter. To my shock and horror, when looking at him, i saw an hideous grimace shining through his skin. He lifted his hand up to hide his face and respnded.

“I know you can see through me,” he told me and than he explained that not so long ago he was a mean and selfish “bastard”, delighting in taking advantage of other people and that he spent literally years in a lower region tormenting and being tormented by his equals until one day somebody took pity on him and made him realise the futility of his behaviour. He showed him and trained him how to serve others and gradually his path opened up. H´is now progressing by learning to serve others and now realised how much more rewarding it is to think of others and to serve. Though he felt he still had a long way to go.

Yes, there is open countryside as well, just as it exists here, except on the levels close to earth it varies in quality, generally being more dull without the vibrant colours, brightness and the “spiritual presence” of the higher levels.

These are the “consensus” environments where people meet and interact as opposed to the personal vibration environments which are the stuff of dreams.

Witnessing our multidimensional Universe in action

Transition from one dimension to the next may be gradual or abrupt. At first a person may notice the colours intensifying and the surrounding getting brighter, their senses tuning into a higher dimensional vibration. As they maintain and increase the higher vibration the surrounding will gradually morph, wilted plants coming to life, buildings becoming more aesthetic, the surrounding enhancing. With it the senses become more acute. They are beginning to witness the dimensional counterparts of our universe emerging with its infinite dimensional levels. As they progress further, their whole surrounding will have changed and yet they will still retain a distinct awareness of the locality or the “soul” of the place.

A town on the Medium Dimension

Exert from Multidimensional Man

“The first comparison with an Earth town that sprang to mind was the seaside resort of Port Meiron on the Welsh coast, but this was far more wealthy in imaginative architectural detail, and, oddly, more quaint. There was so much unusual design that it was impossible to focus on individual elements. Ironically, the word ‘dreamlike’ came to mind with a sense of amusement, as indeed some of the architectural features appeared to be as if plucked from a dream. They had plenty of non-functional features such as exaggerated patters, which appeared quite surreal. It is worthwhile remembering that on our physical planet, no matter how exotic the architecture or design, everything is geared towards functionality, as it is dependent on gravity and limitations of material. On this dimension, however, there were no such restraints, and the architecture made only a token reference to the laws of physics in order to accommodate our need for tradition and familiarity. The diversity, though, beggared belief, yet it all still managed to adhere to the sublime laws of symmetry and aesthetics. There was an absence of conformity, yet a real sense of harmony.”