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The testimonies about the higher dimensional levels or “Astral Planes” finding their way into the public domain contain more cliches than a large print plant. The reason probably being that not many people have been privileged to enter this far and we are limited by the few reports that have filtered through and have been published. The disadvantage is that we begin to think that what has been reported is really all there is. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reports we have can be compared to somebody taking a weekend trip to the New Forest in England and then proclaiming: “I have seen the world”.

I for one will not make such a claim and will only describe what I have witnessed when entering these regions while out of the body and seen with my own eyes, knowing only too well that my testimony here can only describe a billionth of a billionth of the vast diversity any of us may find once we have relieved ourselves of the shackles of the physical body and become bold enough to venture into the outer reaches of our multidimensional universe.

Boldness and a sense of adventure is what is required, because not only will we have a chance to venture into the higher dimensional counterpart of our physical earth, but we will be able to visit the un-manifested planets of our solar system as well, including the super dimensional territories of outer space.

First of all we will have to accept that from the intermediate dimensions onwards there are still further subdivisions up to the highest level. It is easy to understand why many people who have travelled here during OBEs or NDEs, may feel they have arrived at their final destination, the seat of their very soul or heaven itself. This indeed was my first impression on my first Out-of-Body venture into the region. But this is an illusion. Having arrived here we have only just scratched the surface, ventured no further than the depth of an atom into the vast territories of our multi dimensional universe.

This is only the very beginning. In order to enter the super dimensions, which I will explore in a future article, we would have to make a total break with our attachment to our personal self and identity, including our likes, dislikes, our cherished ideas, even our attachments to our family, friends and those closest to us. This may fill many with a sense of unease. The reason for this will become clearer when we investigate the nature of the much higher dimension still. But we are not there yet. We are only at the highest level of our material universe, the higher Astral Planes.

(The centre article right is taken from Multidimensional Man.)

Life after Death 6

What is it like to be “dead”? - The Higher Dimensions

and most Out of Body travellers who are privileged to look around these vistas must surely be tempted to think that they have arrived in some kind of heaven, the dreams of their dreams. It is understandable that in our enthusiasm, being greeted by welcoming friendly and attractive people, we may mistake them for advanced spiritual beings or angels, when in fact they are no more than ordinary people like you and me who have shed the lower characteristics and negative emotions during their transition from the lower dimensions and have now found it appropriate to take residence here.

If we are in any way conditioned by our religion it is tempting to regard the more evolved inhabitants of this realm as representatives of our faith. But it is only when we have penetrated into the super-dimensional levels beyond this one with their much higher energy and presence of consciousness that we begin to realize that all this is no more than an illusion no matter how much people, who have had near death experiences, swear that they have been to heaven and back. It is not impossible, but more than likely that they have just visited the upper realm of our material universe. It is only by rising beyond these levels that we can assess our true status.

The environment

Let us just dwell for a few moments on these incredible beautiful, rich and varied territories of the higher dimensions. The description alone could easily fill a few volumes and we would have only covered a minute part.

But in order to get a better impression and a clearer picture it is useful to break down what we find into categories. To start with our perceptions and feelings will have evolved and expanded since rising from the lower levels. Lower down we may have already marveled at the fantastic architecture and the amazingly powerful creations man is capable of when utilizing his creative energies without the restrictions of the laws of physics, but compared to what our higher energy charged creative powers are capable of here, even those very magnificent creations will appear almost poor by comparison.

We are much more closely linked to a much higher energy which allows us to connect to higher creative forces. This makes it much easier to conjure up more beautiful shapes, more easily harmonized simply by thinking about it. The way this works is the moment we think of a shape or design we receive some kind of feedback from our animated creation which inspires us further and so we enter into an intimate feedback dialogue with our object of creation. This is not an alien concept for creative artists on earth, but it is something so much more in evidence and proactive on these higher levels.

This principle is active in the whole environment as well, which provides instant feedback to whatever we observe. Rather than observing the world, we communicate with it. For example, resting at the crystal water of a small stream or brook and listening to the sound of the waves splashing against the stones we start to forget that it is water we are listening to. Instead it becomes a melody, a song especially composed for us, with complex and constantly changing undertones of musical rhythms. Within a short time we are swept along with the sound on a journey of our own making. It does not stop there. We find that the birds too synchronize with the harmonies and add another dimension to it:

“Gradually, I noticed more birds sitting in the hedgerows, bouncing on tender branches, and flapping from tree to tree. They watched me with interest, intelligent and unafraid. The idea that they were animals suddenly appeared absurd. I mused how our dimmed vision on our physical Earth condemned our animal companions into categories of lesser beings, which we could exploit for our own survival, pleasure and greed. These birds were essences of intelligence.” (Multidimensional Man Page 176)

What is fascinating is that creation on these higher levels has an intrinsic symmetry, which gradually diminishes towards the lower levels of manifestation. Scientists  are already aware of the fractal patterns underlying all nature whether they are plants, creatures or clouds. Here the fractal pattern of nature is much more in evidence. When looking at a bush, for example, we don’t find a chaotic distribution of leaves, but instead orderly patterns which distribute the leaves and flowers in handsome harmony from the base to the top of the bush. The same applies to the grasses and the flowers splattered across the fields. One should not think for a moment that this creates a feeling of repetition. Quite the opposite. It is almost like looking though a kaleidoscope where the slightest change in position creates a totally new pattern. The same principle applies here, but enhanced in diversity a hundredfold.

Another universe - another world

Exert from Multidimensional Man

.... (this force) dumped me into an environment so alien that I spent ages trying to identify any features that would remind me of anything I had seen before. Gradually, as my eyes adjusted, shapes of unrecognisable objects emerged out of the vagueness. I was on an alien planet. I saw what resembled a body of water, but it wasn’t water, it was a crystalline liquid mass, shimmering and shining. The objects floating on or hovering above it could be described as flowers, but they were not flowers. Similar plant-like entities grew around the pond and seemed to be on fire. Flames were coming out of their roots, but it was not fire. It was iridescent light rising from the ground and up through the stems.

The thing that was the most striking of all was the indescribable beauty, the harmony that the objects created among themselves and with their environment, and the sounds that rained down on the scene, together with the cascading lights emanating from the crystalline pond. The crystals were of an indefinable colour, which one moment I thought was silver and bluish the next, getting darker towards the centre of the pond, acquiring a rich, deep violet. Pearlescent doesn’t do it justice. The borders between what was sight and sound became blurred and what a moment ago was a liquid object moving in harmony with its surrounding turned out to be a sound with a shape, and so I was never quite certain whether it was a sound I saw or a colour with a shape I heard.

Drawn as if by intensely irresistible magic, I moved closer to the pond, while the sounds became more enchanting, sweetly luring me closer into their midst. What could have been interpreted as a cacophony of sounds was in fact a grand symphonic masterpiece.

I floated towards the edge, weaving between big burning stems and waving shapes, which sent showers of colour like sparks into the air every time I brushed past them. Unlike dandelions, their abundance of ‘seeds’ were never exhausted and instead drew new breath from the fertile earth on which they grew.

The Inhabitants

People who make it this far after their departure from physical life appear to have little time for the comparatively mundane affairs of earth long left behind. Up here Earth seems to be nothing more than a distant dream, a place of hard learning experience full of self-inflicted and unnecessary suffering, hardship and regret which have been dealt with on the lower physical and near physical dimensions.

Looking back from up here we may feel a sense of pity for our former struggling earthly selves, because now our attention is almost exclusively directed towards exploiting our desire for aesthetics and beauty and fulfilling our potential. These are the levels where we can work to excess without exhausting ourself to uncover what we are really made of and perhaps create a kind of blueprint for our future incarnation into the physical world, or for that matter any other planet which may be more fitting to our inner nature,

I won’t go into the cliches everybody is well familiar with when they read about the so- called “halls of learning”. I personally haven’t had the opportunity to visit these halls, and, although they probably exist, I can only speak from my own experience. I found there was plenty to observe and learn without such formal education, simply by being aware and observing. I can imagine when my days on this earth are numbered I could easily spend a couple of centuries up there without getting bored. The company alone is something you will not find anywhere as it is easy to attract like-minded companions.

Communication with people on these levels is highly rewarding and gratifying. Not only is every person you meet very attractive, but they are inevitably stimulating company as you tend to mix with people of similar inclination to suit your needs. Even if you don’t exchange any ideas via telepathic conversation, sometimes a single glance can connect you closer than you could ever normally imagine (see “The Lady in the Blue Room” in Multidimensional Man).

Inevitably the company of kindred spirits makes for extremely joyful social interaction and it is often very intimate as it becomes more and more apparent on these higher levels that we are all part of the same source of consciousness.

Alien worlds

I am always astonished when people claim to have visited the higher levels and then report back of, “quaint little cottages” and the “Halls of Learning” as if this is all there is to it. Have they not seen the incredible gravity defying architecture, the palatial arenas, the jaw-dropping cities, the great underwater worlds which are inhabited by a totally different kind of species with their own civilizations and unique underwater building projects? What about the subterranean worlds and the many different planets, some part of our non material solar system and the dimensional counterparts of Venus, Mars including the Moon?

And what about the alien races occupying the higher dimensional counterparts of different galaxies altogether? I believe, unknowingly, some of us, especially artists, are already tapping into these regions, perhaps only using the vehicle of their imagination. Though being an artist myself, I’ve never trusted my imaginations as an authentic source for information on higher dimensional realities and prefer to use my finer dimensional body in full waking consciousness to validate the reality of these regions.

Once you have visited these places whilst out of your body and in full possession of your waking consciousness you’ll find that the impressions will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You cannot simply dismiss your  experience as a dream or just a movie within your mind. You will have to accept with the same certainty that what you have seen is as real as the physical environment you spend your waking life in.

Akashic Records

A lot has been written about the Akashic Records, but it is only when you get immersed in them that you appreciate the truly phenomenal scope of it. It may be of interest to learn how these records present themselves to the viewer. Here is an excerpt,

“We rose what felt like many miles into the sky until we reached what appeared to be a natural boundary, like a layer of clouds made out of trillions of glittering discs. On closer inspection, I noticed that this ceiling was made out of billions of tiny images. Some were like moving collages. (My companion) urged me to go further and we entered a sea of images stretching infinitely in all directions.”
(“Multidimensional Man” page 166:)

These images are being searched via the law of attraction. The moment you home into one of these tiny images they come to life and begin to move like an animation.

For example were you to investigate the Battle of Waterloo you would at first need to feel a strong desire to do so. Desire is needed in order to attract you to the event you are searching for. Otherwise there would be no chance of finding anything other than by randomly browsing.

As you home in on your image it will grow in size and then you simply step into it. You are then in the middle of the battle scene as it actually unfolds around you and as it happened on Sunday the 18th of June 1815. You’ll hear, see and smell the gunfire, watch the cavalry charges, and you can get as close to any of the thousands of soldiers you like, including Napoleon.

Equally you can choose to study the dinosaurs or the moment the impact crater was created which wiped them out. Recently, when asked to do a book illustration on the middle ages, I visited a battle field observing knights on horseback charging. I watched with curiosity the battle tactics they employed from high up in the air and was able to observe that they were uniformly dressed in white battle dress. Unfortunately the episode did not last long enough for me to draw up a complete and detailed report.

There are limitations with regard to exploring future events. I have not yet found a method to do so and suspect that this will always remain a challenge, at least on the material levels. It is the nature of reality to unfold by the decisions we take on a moment by moment basis and as such it will always remain a flexible unfixed possibility.

Next: The Super Dimensions

We have to bear in mind that the highest level of the higher dimensions or the Astral Planes is also the first level for the material manifestation of our physical universe.

While descending or expanding from the highest dimension consciousness begins to take on a more material aspect and we will still find that the whole environment is interpenetrated by a sense of “presence”, “being” or awareness as if every particle in this world is vividly alive or even conscious, endowed with an intrinsic intelligence which communicates with us whenever we interact with it via the world around us.

This is a very peculiar experience, despite the amazingness of the experience there is a strange feeling of being at home or at least being closer to home, our true home, which we sense is in a higher place still. There is also an underlying feeling that we are never alone. The whole world around us is actively alive with an underlying intelligence which communicates via all our enhanced senses to a degree which is impossible to imagine on the physical level.

Our senses will have broadened and expanded dramatically to encompass the whole spectrum of sight and sound including infra red and ultraviolet light and possibly even beyond this spectrum. The colours are simply something we will never have seen before. The same applies to the sense of sound which acquires a much broader and richer spectrum allowing us to ‘observe’ sounds which at first appear totally alien to us. Many OBE travellers arriving in these region also notice a sublime light emanating from within everything that exists:

“What attracted my attention was the fact that the forest appeared to be luminous, and as I descended I discovered that all the vegetation glowed with a subtle iridescent light. It was not just the light that made my heart soar, but the sheer richness and abundance of the plant life. There was no way I could identify any particular species: everything I looked at had an extra dimension to it, the most prominent of which was its luminous aura - the life pulsating in the light streaming up the stems and out through the leaves and petals. The brightness and frequency of the pulsing light differed from plant to plant, and so did the colours, which were of qualities I had never seen or even imagined before. There were so many hues - thousands more than on the physical Earth.” (Multidimensional Man page 164)

Together with the sweet aroma of the abundant vegetation, the harmonious sounds issued by the colour of the creations unfolds an underlying joyfulness in our feeling which is beyond that which we can hope to experience on earth. A sense of joy will almost always be a present and instant companion which we are able to tap into simply by focusing our attention.

If we take the trouble to establish our awareness by focusing our attention on any of the magnificent detail of the surrounding, we will simply feel more alive than at any time before. Consciousness acquires a new heightened state which makes everything experienced before, including our waking life on earth, appear like a dim dream.

All this might easily lead the Out-of-Body traveller to believe that he or she has arrived in some religious or mystical idea of heaven, especially as we encounter such rich and diverse flora, such magnificent landscapes rolling for miles and culminating in majestic peaks which radiate and reflect subtle light and millions of hues of colour and the many beautiful creatures which have made it their home here. Compared to this anything below appears like darkness