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If you are a regular out-of-body traveler you will have encountered a curious phenomenon: You find yourself out of your body in your bedroom and everything is looking just as you would expect. On closer inspection though you notice somehow things seem to have been moved around, maybe bits are added or taken away. There may be a carpet where there wasn’t one before or one with a different pattern. Or you may take a look at your physical body only to find that the bed is empty, you’re gone. The reality is that you’ll have left the physical dimension behind and moved into its first dimensional counterpart.

It is exactly that, a near copy of the physical world, though it is not quite identical. It is also moulded by thoughts, by the living as well as the dead. For the deceased this physical copy may well be their first rencounter with the afterlife until they get accustomed to their new condition and have found their bearings. On the other hand their personal energy may well take them past this level and deposit them on a much higher dimension which is more aligned to their individual energy pattern.

Waking up on the first dimensional counterpart of Earth is the main reason why dead people find it so difficult to accept that they have died. For a start not only are they still very much alive but their environment is still very much the way they are used to on earth.

People here are borderline inhabitants, but they are not ghosts. (Ghosts tend to be people who have formed a powerful attachment to their former physical location. Their attachment is like a cord, which allows them dip in and out of either dimension more or less evidently for some people here in the physical world.)

When I investigated the first counterpart I was intrigued about the level of “physical” detail I found, down to the stains of the beer glass on the table or the litter on the ground or neglected, even derelict, areas. Initially, back in the seventies, this contradicted the tales I had read from numerous “life after death” books, which categorically state that unwanted things, such as dirt, just magically vanishes. Most of these reports talk about pastoral landscapes with green countryside, a never - ending summer and people living in picturesque cottages with quaint gardens. This is reported so consistently that it has developed into a universally accepted cliché about the afterlife in much the same way as the Christian idea of angels sitting on clouds and playing harps.

I am not saying that there are no pastoral landscape with quaint cottages. If there are, (and there is no reason why there can’t be), they are likely to be located on higher levels. Though the astral traveller exploring our multidimensional universe will find that the environments are a billion times more diverse and complex than we are led to believe by the stereotypical reports of clairvoyants. As always belief is not good enough. This is a challenge to the astral traveller to find the evidence for themselves.

My overriding intention is to demolish old myths about the afterlife and introduce an element of reality, so when people die they are not shocked, confused or disappointed by what they find. For a start we will have to accept that there are as many environments as there are people. We only have to look at our present physical place to see the truth of this statement. People may be living in the same town or even the same road and yet live in totally different worlds with their own unique experiences. But also we may be shocked to find out, rather than arriving in some glorious paradise, that we might be getting more of the same we have just experienced on Earth. (This of course, is not the case on the higher dimensions).

Without going into too much detail here “Multidimensional Man devotes 20 pages of descriptions under the chapter “The earth-like dimensions” with numerous examples.)

Since writing the book, however, I have had the chance to gather new information. It has became more apparent to me that the personal creative energy on these levels is still relatively low and it is easier to manifest objects via the subconscious forces, such as expectation and desire, than via intent. Though even a powerful desire or expectation may not yield the results we wish for. For example trying to manifest something like a beautiful dress, may be muddied by the person’s psychological impurities. So the colours of the dress they try to manifest may not be as bright as they may have wished for, the wine in their glass may taste more like cheap juice etc. Though quality instantly increases with an injection of positive emotion.

In fact manifesting is so difficult that I discovered there was still some kind of economy in evidence where people were swapping objects they had more successfully manifested as a result of their habitual trade in the physical life. At first I found this astonishing, but then it all began to make sense when I noticed that people employing their passion when creating an object they loved produced much more pleasing results than others who lacked this motivated focus of attention. Once the objects were created the new owner could easily maintain the object, though they could get tainted and their quality disintegrate as soon as their interest waned. Sometimes people discovered that by distributing their creations to others, they added quality to their lives in these lower regions, which rendered them more attractive, thus gradually embarking on their upward journey to more pleasant lands.

Life after Death 4

What is it like to be “dead”? - The First Dimensional Counterpart

I found a man who had manifested a small cruiser and he made it his job to take newcomers on guided tours on the nearby lakes and rivers to show them their new home region. Every time he delighted his guests with such a journey his boat increased in quality.

I like to refer to the first dimensional counter part as the dream region. Most people still on earth will spend their dream time here and act out their daily problems. I recently watched a man at a bus stop in the first dimensional sub plane having an argument with his wife where they were both desperately trying to solve their marital problem. After the man walked off I approached him and asked him (rather tactlessly) whether he was dead or just dreaming. He looked at me confused and impatiently, shook his head and walked off in a huff. I immediately realised that he was a dreamer. The man, most likely, when he woke up in his bed, must have though what an idiot I was.

I then proceeded to investigate and found an abundance of dreamers mingleing amongst the dead. Some clearly absent minded following their dream projections. All the hallmarks of the physical earth were there in abundance including cars, buses, taxies, market stalls, shops, trains, supermarkets and building sites, simply because this is what the living created. To my surprise I even found that money is happily exchanged between residents. There are bars, pubs and strip joints. In short there is nothing that does not exist on our physical earth. The people too look very much like the physical people do here, including their weight problems, age and disabilities, not at all the attractive type you will find on the next levels upwards who have mostly reverted back to their youthful prime.

Most people who live here simply have accepted that life goes on as usual in very much the same way as their physical life did. The noveltiy of flying is almost totally absent as are the manifestation powers we find on the higher levels (though I found that strong expectation somehow creates better result in manifestation than the active intend of creation).

The first dimensional counterpart can be heavily populated which is a sign that a large number of our earth population lives on a rather low spiritual level which won’t give them access to the higher levels when they first cross over.

Selfish interests are still very much in evidence. We also have to bear in mind that people on these levels still have a lot of issues to deal with and not all the issues they bring over from their previous existence on earth are dealt with at once. This is still very much a level where people are coming to terms with their shortcomings, which are much more difficult to push to one side. Regrets are often addressed here and people are keen to find ways of redressing past wrongs. This is not always easy if the person they have wronged is still alive and unaware of such intentions.

Being very much an earth-like environment we will find that the emotional problems people experienced on earth are still part of their existence here. Not only is this home for people with few spiritual aspiration, who are set in their ways, but it is also very much a place of character shaping, learning and personal growth because there is no getting away from their shortcomings as they are continuously exposed or attracted to people who have similar issues to deal with.

On the whole there is an air of sadness, resignation and gloom, with people indulging in their character flaws and with little ambition to change things. This is reflected in the surroundings, with signs of neglect, dull colours and often lifeless vegetation. Consequently I found this to be a rather drab and tedious place which always impelled me to move on If there wasn’t a call for me to help.

Sadly, the people living here are heavily exposed to what goes on down here on earth than people are on the higher levels. For example, a disaster on earth which affects a large number of people, or gloomy news, often influences the weather conditions on this lower dimension. I have witnessed heavy storm clouds which, by reading their emotional origin, (which is easy to do), I found to be caused by the outbreak of the Iraq war.

Needless to say, most people will find this to be a very unsatisfactory place to live in the long term and they will naturally find ways and means to address their psychological state of affairs in order to be able to migrate to more interesting and colorful levels. They will doubtless get glimpses of these whenever they enter more positive and less self - centred states of mind.

Being dead doesn’t automatically mean we are transported into beautiful pastoral scenes. Our state of mind and psychological condition very much determines the type of consensus environment we’ll find ourselves in.

The environment on the first dimensional counterpart is almost indistinguishable from earth. If anything, the colours may even be a bit duller. There are no hard divisions though and the environmental character changes just as it does on earth.

Yes, there is open countryside as well, just as it exists here, except on the levels close to earth it varies in quality, generally being more dull without the vibrant colours, brightness and the “spiritual presence” of the higher levels.

These are the “consensus” environments where people meet and interact as opposed to the personal vibration environments which are the stuff of dreams.

Witnessing our multidimensional Universe in action

Transition from one dimension to the next may be gradual or abrupt. At first a person may notice the colours intensifying and the surrounding getting brighter, their senses tuning into a higher dimensional vibration. As they maintain and increase the higher vibration the surrounding will gradually morph, wilted plants coming to life, buildings becoming more aesthetic, the surrounding enhancing. With it the senses become more acute. They are beginning to witness the dimensional counterparts of our universe emerging with its infinite dimensional levels. As they progress further, their whole surrounding will have changed and yet they will still retain a distinct awareness of the locality or the “soul” of the place.