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For a long time I had been planning to give a more extensive account of the super dimensions (or higher mental levels of consciousness) which would go beyond the twenty page description in my book. The reports there were based on an experience now more than thirty years ago. It began to feel like a distant memory rather than fact and urgently needed refreshing, updating. I also feel I am now psychologically better equipped to be more objective with an additional 30 years of meditation behind me, I feel more detached. Unfortunately I was disappointed to find that my out-of-body excursions since then have never taken me past the higher dimensional levels.

Occasionally though life provides a set of circumstances which can deliver a paradigm shift. Depending on our attitude to life it can destroy us or prove to have a powerful and positive impact on consciousness. In my case it was being diagnosed with cancer earlier in 2011, which provided this shift. I now look at my life as AC and BC, because the effect it had on me had been profound. It  has directed my attention onto a new level, the level of NOW. In the face of a limited term on this earth it has focussed my attention intensively on the present, a state of mind where I, the observer, become the eyes of stillness.

Perceived ‘bad’ things can indeed reveal themselves to be good things on our journey through life, and prove to be secret blessings. With the realisation that life is a continuous process, beliefs suddenly become knowledge, at first subtly and quickly this can no longer be ignored. Life is boundless and death is an illusion. I found proof every moment just by becoming aware. Now let us face its powerful implications.

The deeper fundamentals of yoga can be taught by life like no other teacher and circumstances can release powers we weren’t previously aware of. A formidable challenge beyond our own personal power to control, may leave us with nothing more and nothing less than an attitude of total surrender. By this I don’t mean a pathetic and hopeless giving up against overwhelming odds with a sinking feeling. By this I mean it can provide the opportunity to realise that the powers of the ego are simply too inadequate to confront its biggest adversary, its own death or obliteration. The surrender is towards our new greater being which rests in the stillness surrounding us. It’s a surrender to a new kind of awareness, which resides in every atom within and beyond the limits of our body, and yet is as close to us as our intake of breath.

The Super Dimensions - Part 1

Introduction - Connecting to a super dimensional state of consciousness

Diary entry 11.5.2011

I was in the garden sanding down an old chair whilst enjoying the spring sun. I couldn’t tell what the reason for my joyfulness was. I simply attributed it to the fact that I had just completed some commercial work and relished a breathing space between jobs and perhaps the fact that the garden was just so beautiful with the birds singing and the flowers blossoming all around me. But that was not it. I also became aware of a silent presence, not a personal presence, but a presence of being, which saturated the very air I was breathing and lingered on anything my eyes, hands and ears touched. Occasionally I had to pause in what I was doing and let the feelings wash over me leaving me with a deep sense of joy and gratitude. Then I carried on sanding my chair, enjoying the satisfaction it brought.

But the feeling did not leave me. It became more and more persistent and intense. I  finally decided to retreat into my meditation room in order to focus my attention exclusively and without any distraction on my new companion.

Before I could even sit down into my meditation chair I felt a tingling sensation in my body, rising up my spine and quickly spreading through my body while I slumped into a half lying position. As I closed my eyes, instead of seeing the dark shields of my eyelids I was staring into an intense light. It was a light which was not just in my eyes or even head but it cascaded like a waterfall over my sprawling body. But unlike water, it consisted of countless of fine luminous filaments pulling me upwards towards a enormous sun.

I noticed that the moment I lay spreadeagled in my chair I had already abandoned my persona and ego completely and there was simply nothing holding me back. I had entered a new autonomous mode of existence which was simply made up of the fact that I was alive, nothing more and so simple. My new space surrounding me consisted of a space of pure light with nothing in front, in it or behind it, just an intense reality of essence, incredibly luminous and mercilessly keen to consume me. But it was anything but merciless. As soon as I offered myself it welcomed me with intense joy which instantly transformed into ecstasy I had rarely known before. For a while it was teasing and playing with me, offering new intensities of rapture and pointing my attention towards endless vistas of luminous orbs which were nothing less than the infinite centers of themselves. Each one could have been a whole new universe to explore. I was stunned by the panorama. I felt blessed that I formed such an intimate part of it.

As I turned away from the lights I became aware that I was being elevated into a new reality, where the chair I was lying on and the room itself were no more than vaporous mists, objects of little permanence and reality. What I saw here was essence in its purest form. Wherever I looked I saw new landscapes emerging, rising out of luminous mists, sometimes as thick as clouds, drifting and percolating through metamorphosing shapes, which created fascinating objects. These clouds were un-manifested matter, shifting landscapes of colour of different densities and character, springing into shapes, responding to some mysterious creative impulse and then dissipating. Within no time I was surrounded by a glorious archway which expressed perfectly my wonderment about this region and from there other archways opened ahead of me, each different, created by my continuing thought process, more glorious as I walked through, adapting intimately to my thoughts and inspiring me to look further with a mind that had ceased to think in a linear way, but instead spread out like the rays of a sun, exploring simultaneously its many options all at once. There was space without the sequential movement of time. It was a space made out of existence, being, if this makes any sense at all.

As I ventured further through my archways of thoughts, knowing intuitively but explicitly why every aspect of their grand intricate design was shaped the way it was from its luminous fibres and why it opened new archways. Every shift in my perception and thinking pattern simultaneously affected every part of the world surrounding me.

I was surrounded by mental matter not as abstract waveforms of mental energy, but waveforms solidified into incredibly complex shapes, in phenomenal detail, each design element communicating directly why it had to be exactly the way it was.

And clearly, whatever was created had at its root a luminous light. A light which gave it sustenance and life. It was easy to focus on the underlying light and identify it as its source for existing in the first place, a light which was a luminous sun or suns. At every end point of thought, shape or feeling were these luminous suns. I saw that all thoughts were rooted in pure consciousness and all thoughts in their final analysis will inevitability reveal their serene and exalted origin.

I am aware that every cliche known to man is likely to be cajoled into life by an experience such as this. I am conscious of the limitation of pressing language into the service of describing something that clearly belongs to a language-free zone, its opposite hemisphere of the brain.

But here it is. This light is like no physical light at all, more like a space lit up, a stillness which was wherever I was, a presence of luminosity right beside me. It felt as if it smiled the moment I turned my attention towards it after tearing myself away from the wondrous sights surrounding me. It regarded me like a child, lost in its world of play and like a loving parent accepting its child with love and joy the moment it turned away from its play, fully assured that it would not be left out of sight for a single moment, no matter how far it strayed. At any time I could enter into the light wholeheartedly and it would accept me with joy and without reservation.

It was this reassurance which made me linger and explore my new environments, being aware of my pledge for research, but I was more like a child being seduced by the vibrant world surrounding me than a researcher. Wherever I looked I saw new patterns emerging creating an infinity of finely woven objects.

I was aware of the presence of the light, my silent witness and guarding parent all the time, waiting patiently for me to follow it home into its very heart. Each time I called it appeared, reliably and joyfully, and each time revealing a new and thrilling aspect yet unchanging, reassuring me of its eternal companionship.

It was this that gave me the freedom to turn my attention towards gigantic rings of fire surrounding me, with symmetrical flames, casting vast changing patterns miles high into an endless sky. Immediately after the first ring reached its apex another ring formed above it with an irresistible invitation to be carried skywards by its overwhelming force.

Simultaneously I became aware of my body once more and felt a powerful yet pleasantly cool pressure on my forehead, as if some God had placed three fingers on the spot between my eye brows, urging me to take its energy and letting go of anything that was still fastening me to my former self. The ring of fire and the touch on my forehead were the same energy.

At this point I was gripped by an intense ecstasy, which was enough to sever any remaining link or attachment I may have had. It was the same light as before, but of a new intensity, of a greater order. The fogs of thought which had seduced me only moments ago were licked away like the morning mists by a mid day sun. The sun was clarity, with layers of clarity revealed as each gave birth to a light of even greater intensity. In the end there were no attributes, just the neutrality of being. No insights to be gained, no wisdom to behold, all insights and all wisdom were nothing more than shapes painted into the sands of an incoming tide. There was nothing to be spoken of and nothing to be said because there was no medium to convey it.

Stillness - Being.

For a few further moments I could see with the eyes of creation, looking out from the centre of clarity of an unfolding world of shapes and appearances. Strange shapes which emerged in ever unfolding patterns, creating new worlds around me.

I heard a celestial song in the distance, which then solidified into the mundane siren sound of an emergency vehicle, I knew I had spent just over an hour in my chair. My wife’s hairdresser had arrived and their animated chatter floated across the landing towards my meditation room. There was a distinct peace underlying the sounds and peace cementing all the shapes of my old world together again.

Next Part 2: Main Characteristics of the Super Dimensions


Any Out-of-Body traveler who managed to look at his physical body from six inches away (without the use of a mirror), perhaps noticing his receding hairline at the top of his head, will find it impossible to be convinced by skeptics that this is all a result of misalignment caused by some chemical action within his brain. Naturally in the same way the traveller will equally accept his Out-of-Body journeys into our multidimensional universe to be just as valid and real, just as independent from the brain, no matter how strange they may appear.

But what if we take this to another level, into the regions of thoughts, can these too be regarded as experiences beyond our physical brain, independent of the chemical processes involved, the serotonins, the body’s DMT?

Currently there is no proof, but there is experience. In the end it is not the media which will bring the truth, but our own individual experience and how we interpret it.

In order to enter the super dimensional level of consciousness, we will need to surrender to the consciousness of Being, here, now. It is only here that we will find new strength, a greater purpose, new scope and an expanded identity. And it is here that our journey must take place. Our surrender will be an active one, on a daily and moment by moment basis, a positive identification with that which is lasting - the stillness surrounding us.

We can take strength from the fact that our perceived obstacles on our path are simply transient waves on the unfathomable depth of the seas of consciousness.

In the process it may become apparent that out-of-body travels are not the only way to reach the highest dimensional world, where things take shape, before they migrate into the manifestations of the lower Astral and Physical worlds.

Below is an account of such a journey which reconnected me with these strange and awesome worlds.

Accessing the higher dimensions of reality

The following notes were taken from my journal and documents the way insight was achieved into the mechanics of higher dimensional states of consciousness. It was brought about spontaneously and I can take little credit for the experience other than perhaps as a result of my regular meditation. This is only to document one of the sources about articles on the super dimensional levels planned for this website.

The Pitfalls of
Spiritual Experience

Spiritual experience can provide a powerful insight into the nature of consciousness and our multi dimensional universe, but it shouldn’t be seen as an end in itself. True “spiritual experience” is an awareness of Reality, here, now. An awareness of the observer, the silent witness of the world of change which is supported by unchanging stillness.

When investigating higher states of consciousness all we have at present are the testimonies of the people who have experienced it. Research involving drugs, such as DMT or reports via NDEs can widen the field. The problem is, in order to obtain objective reports the investigator will have to be free of preconceived ideas, belief constructs and personal ego identification. This, I am afraid, is only possible by pursuing a life style of meditation, which puts Reality-awareness, which transcends the individual viewpoint, at the center.

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