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A New Consciousness

None of what I am going to write about in these articles on the super dimensions will make any sense at all without the notion that we are dealing here with a completely new and much higher state of consciousness. This in itself is difficult to grasp because without having experienced it it is simply impossible to convey.

I will try it anyway, perhaps taking a somewhat poetic route. Imagine waking from a dream, but instead of waking up in your bed you are in a new and different place altogether, the light is much brighter, you have 360 degree vision and you are surprised that you have not woken up earlier and been asleep for so long. Not only that, but you are catapulted into a state of wakefulness which is completely fresh and new to you, with a clarity which is far more enhanced then the clarity we used to call waking consciousness. You are confronted with a new you, one which you haven’t met before, but which you recognise immediately as the real you, the one you should have been all along. This new you greets you as if for the first time: “Where have you been?” it seems to ask.

The new you looks around with new awakened senses as if it experiencing the world for the first time. And this is the Real World. Everything experienced before seems like a copy. The senses of sight and sound have until now perceived everything through frosted glass, yes, even tasting and feeling. The frosted glass has been shattered and the fresh wind of a newer and crisper reality is breathing through the gap from an infinite paradise elevating all our senses into a never imagined reality of ecstatic beauty.

Venturing into the Super Dimensions
The Ante-Chamber of God

What I am referring to here, in this article, does not refer to the consciousness which is often referred to as the “White Light”, the ultimate consciousness, the home of Self, the seat of God. We are still dealing with the anti-chamber of the higher, unified or cosmic consciousness. These areas can still be experienced as individualised consciousness, which sees itself, although a part of. but still as a particularised unit of awareness. Many Near Death experiencers often shoot beyond this level as a result of their trauma, often deriving healing and insight for their future and redeemed life. The Super Dimensional levels are in a way still part of a created, in a sense, materialised universe.

Generally speaking this state of consciousness is still far beyond the range of our everyday experience. It is not surprising that so little is known about these strata of the mind. Unless we reach this state accidentally by a fluke of nature, sometimes during a Near Death Experience, or by chance, during an OBE perhaps, our experience will be fleeting, and most likely marred by misinterpretation brought about by our accustomed filters of belief overlays. The chances of getting a true insight into this state of consciousness is challenging because of the seductive power of all the new and unfamiliar phenomena we encounter, all presented convincingly via an ever present feeling of utter happiness, fulfilment and joy. However hard we try, most will find it impossible to assume a detached and perhaps more objective view of these environments as we are surrounded on all sides by sights and sounds which fill us with awe and wonderment and a continuous thrilling awareness that we are truly in a place we feel we belong.

How do we get here?

By meditation, the practice of keeping the thoughts at bay, by focusing attention on awareness and by surrendering to the core conscious-ness of our inner being. To do this we often rely on our chosen path and our “Inner Teacher” to guide us. Contrary to what some spiritual leaders may tell us, our teacher is within. There is no greater authority than our core inner self to show us the way. This doesn’t stop us for finding instructors for showings us techniques or pursuing certain methods such breathing, yoga, prayer, energy work, etc.

The path is different for everyone. In Multidimensional Man I described that I had a Chinese mentor who trained me intensively over a long period on the inner dimensions as how to enter these higher states of consciousness, by first showing and teaching me symbols which evoked a strange memory of lands I had visited in the distant past. This was a non-verbal language, made up of pictures or symbols which communicated in some subliminal fashion where I might go and the attitude I had to develop. Then finally, one morning in 1980 during a routine meditation, I was taken on a multi dimensional journey in hyper waking consciousness, which lasted for more than two hours. It was topped by an experience which went far beyond the mental level which I can ever only refer to as a pure state of Reality awareness, a hyper dimensional state of singular clarity, which simply conveys: “This is as it is”. (see Multidimensional Man Part 3).

This is not the place to prescribe a technique of getting there, though there are some pointers. This website is largely devoted to reporting and to relaying information, so others can compare them with their own experiences and discoveries such as underlying systems and laws governing there.

The Super Dimensions - Part 2

Explorers attitude and Main Characteristics of the Super Dimensions

There are certain features and characteristics which are unique to these super dimensional levels and it is best to break them down into categories to get a general feel and better still to visit them yourself.

Thoughts are Objects

Once we have entered through our opened window into the super dimensions, the first thing which will become apparent is that we are very close to the very source of all manifestation. A vibrant energy is evident wherever we turn our attention. Here are the roots of everything created and the origin of all manifestation. It is like opening the door to the furnace in order to discover why the oven is hot.

Everything is in a constant making process. Whatever object we observe we discover that it is supplied with life force by filaments of light. The most astonishing thing is to observe that our own thoughts and the thoughts of others are tangible objects and are illuminated by an inner light which gives testimony to the fact that everything is rooted in pure consciousness.

This light of consciousness is all around us and the awareness of it is the reason why we experience such intensive rapture and why these levels are spoken of as “heavens”. The ever-present light of consciousness will allow us at any point to be drawn into its very source, just by being aware of it. To perceive thoughts (see next chapter part 3) as shapes, with colour, design, dimension and sound is a completely new cognitive modus operandi. Traditionally we see thoughts as forms of brain activity, linked vaguely to associations, words, pictures and meanings all pursued in a linear fashion. Here thoughts are actual objects, their full potentiality accessible the moment they appear. It is attention and the power of consciousness which manifests them into tangible objects. The moment they emerge they make sense, allowing us to comprehend their meaning and nature, with its multitudes of aspects, simply by intuiting its shape, sound, colour, design and formation, which expands before our vision. This is not achieved via the effort of sequential thinking, but via their revelation of their inner meaning which reveals an underlying truth as we ponder the object of thought. The observation is akin to a feeling we may have in physical life when suddenly something becomes very clear to us. This revelatory thrill is an intrinsic part of every thought form. The guiding principles are symmetry and beauty which inevitable will guide us to its inner perfection and underlying truth.

Comprehending the inner mechanics of these incredible thought forms is not something we are compelled to do. It is more likely that at the first encounter that we are simply seduced by their awe-inspiring beauty and symmetry without feeling obliged to unravel their inner nature. This is a world where every thought and concept has manifested shape and every aspect communicating meaning and its inner truth. Every part of the scenery offers an irresistable invitation to unparalleled adventure and never ending wonder. This realm fulfils our potential and aspiration at the highest level and many of us will feel that this is the place of our permanent home. But no matter how long we reside in this region, if there was such a thing as time to measure it by, we would ever only be able to scratch the tiniest part of the surface of an endless and truly infinite region.

The Scenery - A truly limitless source of creation

In order to provide a description, which is not an option within the limits of our human language, it is best to describe the underlying mechanics and what, why and how they produce what makes up the scenery and then leave it to the reader to create their own mental world, because one thing is for sure, each and every observer’s world will be unique and different and boundless. The only illustration I can provide is a sketchy account of my own experience and images by an artist who uses fractal generating computer software which curiously provides very close resemblances of what we might encounter.

Out-of-body travellers may have had glimpses, while journeying the higher astral planes, of the incredible powers coming to the fore when turning the strangest concepts and ideas into tangible realities to an almost unlimited extent. Compared to the magnificent cities and works of art on the astral dimensions, the creations of the most imaginative and talented Hollywood set designers will only ever appear second rate by comparison. Nevertheless - despite the huge potential for creativity limitations still exist on the astral dimension. Despite all the marvellous achievements possible for us on the Astrals, we are still handicapped by the chains of our personal egos which prevents us to extend our viewpoint to multiple points of awareness in order to achieve real greatness.

On the super dimensions we can see that creation is a tapestry of an infinite extent, continuously evolving, transforming where we can take up position, even multiple positions at any point whilst being anchored at all times to the core energy which runs through everything. On the super dimensional levels at no point will our experience be tarnished by emotion or distorted subjective viewpoints, but at any one point we have access to follow through what we see to the very root of its origin and rejoice at every point we are doing so. We are truly in heaven. There is no point anywhere in this sea of consciousness which can diminish our experience of the underlying joy of everything in existence. Negative feelings and thoughts are absent, because negativity is an absence of light and knowledge. Here light and knowledge are in abundance and at every point on which we fasten our attention the light will shine through and for example a thought such as “power” which, on the negative level may be associated with violence and subjection, will only shine in its truthful meaning, all negativity burned up by the bright light of consciousness.

On the astral levels we were still set apart, burdened by our personal selves, with its need to stand out from the crowd and shine. Here we realise that we are an intimate and intrinsic part of a universal family and we shine simply by the presence of our inner light. The social role play of our egos with their unfulfilled wishes and desires, personal and social identifications and range of acting skills is simply proof that we are still shielded from the reality of our innermost and true selves.

But once we have shed the limitations of these identifications we can embrace our greater universal identity.

This seems to be the natural progression in the next stage of our human evolution, progressing from a paranoid and ego identified mindset to an illuminated one, which perceives the whole of reality presenting itself via instant knowledge rather than via the interpretations of our linear thinking.

It feels that the super dimensions will one day be our natural habitat and when this happens we will truly be what we are already designed to be.

Next Part 3: Super Dimensional Realities

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How thought forms may appear - Image by Damir

Shortcuts into the
Super Dimensions?

Sometimes we hear or read reports about higher states of consciousness gained via the use of mind altering drugs. I am not for or against the use of drugs and since time began our species has used drugs to gain access to the super dimensional levels of reality. They were used to inspire the pursuit of our highest ideals and often formed the cultural superstructure of many societies. I would just like to point out that unless a person has learned to surrender his ego identity through the practice of some kind of “surrender” meditation the experience of apparent “death” during the transition of consciousness can be the most frightening experience we may ever come across and which may totally unbalance us. Without having control over our mental and emotional functions through some form of meditation practice, we are also prone to become victims of our unresolved mental aberration which can be carried over into the experience where it simply doesn’t belong. This can be immensely disturbing and unsettling. Nature has somehow put a “guardian” or “filter” between us and the super dimensions in the form of ego death. Unless we have practiced ego death on a daily basis we will be unable to find entry into this dimension. Drugs tend to carry our unresolved issues over into the expanded state where they too can acquire a gruesome dimension in themselves often resulting in horror trips. Artificial means, unless the user is guided via an accomplished shaman or master or has the qualities mentioned above, can lead to very uncertain and unreliable entries into these territories.

Below a short exert

from the Samadhi video:

Because of their incredible diversity thought forms can deliver meaning, feeling and knowledge much more powerfully via combinations such as shape, composition, colour, sound and movement. This has to be viewed within the context of consciousness which becomes an intrinsic part of the thought form or the object it is viewing. Below are some probable thought forms and possible meanings. (images on this and the previous page supplied with kind permission by Damir,

Thought Forms


Determination to achieve a joint project


Building a solid base for expansion

A string of musical notes

An Orchestral Symphony

Thoughts, concepts, beliefs and whole philosophies have material substance and music is expressed in distinct shapes, colours as well as movements