Thoughts are objects and objects are sounds

Where to begin to describe this new state of consciousness? We might start with the wondrous features which emerge which are nothing more and nothing less than our own materialized thoughts and also discover that all the objects we encounter have additional components.

It is not difficult to imagine or understand that objects have sounds, when we consider that there is an underlining molecular and atomic structure which consists of energy and vibration. The heightened sense of awareness of a clairvoyant may well pick up on this energy of even physical objects. This is much more the case of objects existing on the super dimensional strata, where they are perceived at a higher vibrational state by a consciousness which is attuned to the same level and has acquired a sensory perception which is the power of ten to what we have been used to until now. By objects I mean thoughts as well as objects, because thoughts become objects dressed in a material substance. These thought objects are being put into existence by intent, either by our individual consciousness, our consensus or the universal consciousness, which manifests our physical universe.

Of course all objects, including physical ones, are formed via some form of creative process, either by nature or human intent. On the super dimensional levels we are able to perceive all these creations at their core level of energy and their vibration and the sounds they emit are much more apparent. This in turn aids the cognitive appreciation of the thought or thought object incredibly. Just imagine how effectively this principle is used by movie makers in our film industry for example by combining moving images with a sound score and we almost take it for granted when involved in the story.

On the super dimensions the sound component of an object is very much an intrinsic part of any creation. For example if we were to consider the concept of love, as I described in Multidimensional Man, we may experience a beautifully evolving three dimensional floral design, animated and emitting the most enchanting sounds and in the process revealing to us all its aspects, including cascading colours, instantly conveying every nuance of the concept of love to us. If we allow ourselves to merge with this thought form, not only will we become part of it, but we will be able to access its very root energy and the whole truth of its principle at the core of its origin. If we focus on this energy and allow ourselves to be drawn into it we may achieve a state of enlightenment by doing so. (In the Sutras of Patanjali words are used and “faded” in a state of stillness to allow their true meaning to reveal themselves and through it achieve a state of enlightenment.)

The principle of associating concepts with colour and sound is well known in psychology as Synesthesia. Many artists perceive and express their ideas via this process. One of the most famous ones was the father of modern art Kandinsky, who visualized Schönberg’s music in his “Compositions”. Kandinsky drew his inspiration from deep within himself and stated that every human being is godlike, a creator in their own right, capable of creating his own universe.

The Super Dimensions - Part 3

Super Dimensional Realities

environments of large cities with no equivalent on earth.

We also have to bear in mind that this Super Dimension is intimately connected to everything that exists here on earth. It contains the blueprint and the super structure of all that exists. Without it our earthly life would just not be possible. This includes our every thought and feeling and every breath we take. No thought would be possible without the super dimensional reality and super structure.

What is “Heaven” like?

Trying to convey what it is like to enter a state of consciousness which is clearly beyond ego identification and the astral level is a challenge as we are dealing with an expanded state of consciousness for which our left brain hemisphere dominated awareness has no language. We are limited to metaphors. It is possible to convey some kind of idea by trying to imagine the following:

Imagine you come out of a cellar which has no obvious light source, only a faint ambient light which allows you to just make out the outlines of the objects surrounding you. You can hardly tell the different colours apart and you struggle to identify individual shapes. You walk up a short flight of stairs and throw open the doors to the outside world and are greeted by a bright summer’s day at high noon. The first thing you are confronted with is the glaring light of the sun, so bright and uncomfortable at first that you’ll have to squint and look away, though soon you acclimatize. As you open your eyes you are likely to not only see just one sun, but a multitude of glaring orbs dancing around you. You also notice that it is not just the light which almost overwhelms you, but that it is powered by an incredible force of attraction, which fills you with a rush of ecstasy the moment you open yourself to it. This is not something you are accustomed to at all. Your first instinct will be to let go and surrender to their irresistible power and if you do, there is no telling where you will end up. If you look around you will gradually get accustomed to the brightness and you find that the light source is not the real reason that you feel drawn to it, but that your instinctive knowledge you are one and the same makes you simply want to reunite with it.

The overwhelming feeling is that you have arrived home at last. That all throughout your life you have been an exile, blindly following certain pathways hoping they would lead you home, but they were only side tracks, leading you off into different directions, but never any closer to your goal. Now at last you have arrived home, and this realisation alone fills you with overwhelming joy and satisfaction. Also, you are not alone. A light surrounds you which is your constant companion, which shows the love and the infinite patience of a affectionate parent, observing joyfully your childlike wonder as you take in the splendours which greet you.

It is said that Kandisky could see music in terms of colour and shapes. Like the music, which inspired him, he referred to his paintings as “Compositions”

On the super dimensions this is simply the reality and the landscape we encounter. We can quickly see the enormous and infinite extent of the super dimensions with trillions of individualised consciousnesses creating their individual universes, each one an apparent objective reality to each creator, even populated with the people the individual knew. Each person they project onto the world will an authentic being, materialised and vitalised by the very soul energy of the imagined person.

It is possible that we, as individuals, could feature in the super dimensional world of countless other people and each copy of us would be an authentic representation of ourselves, with our own individual identity. (See the article below: “Heaven of a Farm Boy”)

Generally speaking the sound components of any thought object mirrors the aesthetic quality of the object, which are generally speaking very beautiful as they are driven by the symmetries of its original creative powers. We have to remember that disharmony is a component of the lower dimensions brought about by an absence of conscious awareness. Here, in the Super Dimensions, we literally live in a world of beautiful objects, emitting enchanting sounds, propelled by the laws of harmonics, symmetry and balance. We quickly discover that harmony is the driving principle on which the world is manifested. And it is not just the harmony within each object of creation, but also within the fields or community of objects, where things are governed by mutual attraction. One thought object may attract a sympathetic thought object until whole clusters are created, which in turn creates a new super structures, emitting a whole new harmonic symphony of sounds. We quickly realise that we become witness to a super principle of creation. In the physical universe this force manifests as gravity, creating clusters of galaxies, stars, nebula and planetary systems. In the natural world it is at the heart of swarms, colonies of creatures, vegetation and insects which are drawn together. On the super dimensional level we can see these forces at work in their most transcendental and original form. Whole communities and cities, more immense and more profuse than we can imagine in our worldly environment, are formed on these Super Dimensions. We will encounter consensus

The incredible reality is that every object we contemplate on in this way can connect us to its core energy and the very consciousness which is at the very root of it by allowing ourselves to merge to its very centre. In fact every point in the universe, every atom, even in this dimension can function as such a gateway if we allow ourselves to merge and surrender to its original pure force.

We have to bear in mind that all thought and objects on the super dimensions are stripped of any negative aspects. Negativity is simply an absence of conscious awareness and ignorance of the truth or the light of consciousness at the core of all things. The moment we enter the Super Dimensions we will have abandoned all negativity already. Otherwise we would simply have no means to enter this region of consciousness in the first place. For the first time we are exposed to the intensive reality of everything as it radiates from its origin of creation. Thought or concepts are seen in a new totality which gives instant access to the wholeness of their meaning. Our understanding is multi lateral, instantaneous and unadulterated. After all it is a cosmic consciousness which resides at the root of everything within the super dimension.

Cosmic consciousness is not automatically realised at the lower spectrum of the super dimensions, where the energy flow is more diluted and at a slower vibrational rate. People don’t automatically qualify for cosmic consciousness. In fact the vast majority of dwellers are quite content to lead their blissful lives unconcerned with its inner workings. Just as on the Lower dimensional levels, conscious awakening happens in degrees and is multilayered.

Some live out their fantasies while other pursue a course of training and further evolution, by developing their potentials. They join any of the vast consensus communities which are abundant in vast cities with infinite opportunities for exploration and development. Its soon becomes very apparent why people feel inclined to spend the equivalent of millennia here by earthly time comparison.

All the while inhabitants living here still find themselves in a state of continuous rapture and bliss, because of the total absence of negative exposure and a constant positive feedback from everything they encounter. People may argue, ‘How is it possible to experience happiness without experiencing its opposite and what is the point of it?’ The answer is that this is a state of consciousness which is unlike any we are ever able to experience in our physical presence, simply because our nervous system is designed for physical survival in a physical world unaware of the truly limitless scope for experience on a super dimensional level. The tools for our physical survival have evolved to deal with physical adversity not super dimensional awareness. We are basically animals programmed for survival in a world of adversity and largely unaware of the full potential for our future evolution, which is beyond anything our animal brain can comprehend.

The challenges for us on the Super Dimension are of a totally different order as is the potential for learning. Our powers of comprehension, processing and action are exponentially enhanced to such an extent that we may easily spend the equivalent of thousands of earth years and not even be able to scratch the surface of our learning potential.

It is a misconception to believe that once we arrived in “Heaven” as some religious faiths may want us to believe, that our journey is over and that we simply reside in a state of “eternal peace”, doing nothing else but “praising the Lord”.

The reality is that once we awaken to our super dimensional level of consciousness, which is already part of our blueprint, we will simply embark on a new stage of our evolution, and our journey as human beings will only just have began. We will have moved a further step away from the animal kingdom from which we emerged and will have entered a vast new playing field for our evolution. The light at the end of the tunnel is only the beginning and not the end. Laid out before us are dimensions unknown, and we have not even developed the tools to register them.

Above is a picture of a coral reef how it appears on the physical level. The super dimensional counterpart of the reef could look something like the illustration below, with incredibly enhanced detail in terms of colour design and the accompanying sound component. In addition to this the super dimensional counterpart of the earthy coral are just as if not more animated. (Image with kind permission by Damir)

You know you can never get lost again and that this is a place of total security. You are surrendering to a consistent fundamental feeling of deep joy which constantly reveals hundreds of new nuances of itself, and each nuance being experienced for a first time. Your joys are recreated afresh, moment by moment. There is no letting up - no repetition. Everything is new every moment and with everything you encounter you feel an intimate connection.

As you gradually get accustomed to the light you begin to make out the features of this incredible world. At the first entry into the borderlines of the new land you make out banks of coloured fog, shifting and swirling into magical cloudy shapes, falling into intricate designs and then dispersing. Their colours have a sound texture and orbs of light illuminating different emerging shapes. As you progress the world becomes more defined. Outlines become sharper, there is a clarity of the contours of the wondrous environment which begin to emerge, but it’s not your sights which are sharpened, but the clarity of your consciousness and your perception. You are endowed with new eyes, new hearing and all your sensual perceptions are increased by the power of ten.