Validity of non-OBE based exploration and how it was achieved

This report is based on another more recent experience using deep meditation to enter what I termed the Super Dimensional realities via a direct process which does not involve Out-of-Body travel. The observations are made using the criteria of having full or hyper-waking consciousness whilst being fully aware of being in meditation. This experience should not be seen as imagination, vision or fantasy, because consciousness was actually located within a new dimensional level. Observations were conducted with the same sense of awareness as OBE or physical observations, except that the clarity of mind was more enhanced than either.

Out-of-Body experiences are now widely accepted as a paradigm that occurs in a parallel universe which contains numerous levels. This is the premise on which my book and this website are based. The discussion of a Super Dimensional level of reality is simply taking it to the next level, which Theosohpy would regard as the Mental and Causal levels.

Using a non-OBE mode for exploration

My recent experiences did not originate from an out-of-body state at all and happened much more directly during meditation. But because waking consciousness was established away from physical awareness in a different location I regard this mode of projection as just as authentic as OBE. A friend of mine is trying similar projection methods which he described as “working on it through his “Merkabah”, a phrase I hadn’t heard before. It is taken from the Bible and describes the process very poetically. The meditator surrenders to angels (four(?) in total), messengers of God and receives a “chariot” in which he is taken by the angels into the Kingdom of Heaven. My own method was characterised by a similar escort. Though I attribute it as originating from my right brain hemisphere which takes the form of a benevolent presence which I like to refer to as my “Silent Companion”. Carl Gustav Jung would probably call it the “SELF” from which the ego consciousness emerges. Anthony Peake refers to it as the “Daemon” in his second book with the same title (taken from classical Greek and not to be confused with the more modern sinister definition of “Demon”). It can also be seen as the Higher Self of contemporary New Age philosophy. These are common metaphors which become more prominent in the lives of people who develop their intuitive powers.

All this means is that the old criteria of OBE validation can no longer be applied (sleep paralysis, waking awareness, projection and recall). New criteria have to be applied to validate the experience on Super Dimensional levels as “objective” observation.

This new process involves deep meditation in order to enter a state of clarity with the help of “Merkabah”, the “Daemon” or the “Silent Companion”. This helps to avoid the intrusion of thought or emotional pollution. Attention on these higher  aspects, instills a very essential positive feeling of devotion, total surrender or unconditional love. This sidelines any interfering thoughts and focuses attention away from the ego. During this process I allow myself to surrender to an emerging inner light and associate it with my higher aspect. At these initial stages I am still separate from my higher self.

The Super Dimensions - Part 4

Consensus Realities and Habitations

Entering a Super Dimensional state of consciousness

  1. 1)Enter deep meditation

  2. 2)Focus attention on the present or awareness itself which “personifies” as a “Presence”, the “Silent Companion” or  the higher awareness rooted within the right side of the brain hemisphere.

  3. 3)Surrender to this “Presence” or “Silent Companion”.

  4. 4)When the light/energy appears, which is associated with the “Silent Companion”, surrender to the light.

  5. 5)Focus exclusively on the light as it becomes more prominent.

  6. 6)At this moment the “Silent Companion” may take over which is experienced as a great “benediction” or “blessing from above”

  7. 7)identify with the increasing light in totally surrender mode.

  8. 8)At the point of total identification allow identification to “flip” over and  become the light.

  9. 9)An instant and total change of consciousness occurs as your identity merges with the light, you become the light.
    The old self has virtually vanished. From that moment onwards the world is no longer perceived through your own eyes but through the eyes of your “Silent Companion” or whatever name we have associated with this power.

In order to make any sense of the following description at all it is important to realise the incredible changes our consciousness undergoes when entering these dimensions. From this we can then see why the environment is the way it is and why we as individuals residing in these dimensions after death and after having journeyed through the astral planes on our way home, behave the way we do when taking up residence here. Most of the things we regarded as our very “human” characteristics will have been cast aside or transformed into higher aspirational attitudes. Here we are in a completely new playing field of experience, which far surpasses anything we could have ever dreamt of. Here it will also became clear where our future evolution as a species lies. Until now we have been no more than a slightly more sentient species of animal, misguided in our attitudes and blinded by the self-importance of our ego-centred social identities. Although the illusions, as we will see, are far from over. The majority of us will spend most of our time in a perpetually enhanced lucid dream, where we will manifest all our highest aspirations. But the awakened mind will embark on a grand scale adventure which will dwarf even our wildest dreams.

These are some of the major changes, which will affect our existence and future development in the Super Dimensional levels:

Absence of Ego identification. Our consciousness has a more universal identity. We are intimately aware of our environment as being part of our selves or us being part of our environment, this includes separate individualised forms of consciousness. With the absence of ego identification there are no needs, only an intrinsic urge for expansion of consciousness, creation and unification.

Seeing ourselves as part of a universal process. We step beyond the boundaries of our individualised identity and explore new states of being.

The Super Dimensions are truly infinite universes, not like our physical universe. The first aspect of infinity is the infinite mode of our manifesting thoughts. We are able to create personal reality simply by manifesting our individual dreams, which become our “objective” reality. This can be expanded ad infinitum until we literally run out of ideas and exhaust our repertoire of imagination.

The second aspect of infinity is numerous multi-layered dimensions, which are simply manifestations of the same power which brought our physical universe into existence.

I spend a great deal of my time soaring over incredible vistas and landscapes, which for me, as an artist, is an irresistible impulse. In one experience I was soaring over huge planes, criss- crossed by the arteries of complex river systems with ever- changing vegetation and surprising new features, then,  by a simple shift of focus I found myself in a completely new universe altogether. Yet each of these worlds felt like home ground, not in terms of familiarity, but in terms of being a part of it, being aware that these worlds were formed from the same consciousness as I was. Few of these places were at all familiar with features I am still trying to find words for, let alone computer software to help me express them in pictures. For example the gossamer extrusions of the rock which were neither hard nor solid neither transparent. The same applied to the vegetation which was neither plant nor animal and made of a material for which there is no known equivalent.

I found landscapes, however, which looked very familiar, but on a different scale of beauty and grandeur. I travelled through vast tunnels which were neither above or below

For the process to be completed one has to rely on a power which is outside one’s own ego-sphere. I think this is the reason why it is such a rare event, because we are so identified with our social selves. To me, at my current stage of development, It seems to be happening “by invitation only”. In my experience it is “The Silent Companion” which has to take over and complete the whole process, to guide us into the higher states of consciousness. To us still “mere humans” at this stage it is experienced as a great blessing, a “benediction from above”, by a power much greater than us. Very often people report that they were taken by a “Higher Power” rather than getting there by themselves. They speak of the “Hand of God” having touched them and a feeling that they had no choice but to oblige in a state of total surrender. It is this total surrender mechanism which sets in motion the final transfer of our consciousness into a higher state.

People with Near Death Experience have often reached this state after abandoning all their attachments to their physical bodies. All we can do is to initiate this process until we have permanently taken up residence on the higher level by transferring our identity to the silent companion, until we become the Silent Companion.

This transition from lower to higher self is experienced as a tremendous grace which instantly results in an expansion of consciousness, accompanied by powerful ecstasy.

At this point it becomes very difficult to adhere to any initial pledge of investigating the environment in which we find ourselves as we would during Out-of-Body experiences. The force of the ecstasy is so powerful that we are likely to be swept away. The forces of nature we have united with seem to have no other purpose in mind than bringing us back home to their very origin. I believe this is the reason why nearly all reports on such an experience have so many similar characteristics, such as “surrendering to the light”, “becoming one with a universal consciousness”, “uniting with God”, “taking a universal viewpoint”, etc. The descriptions of any environments encountered in the process are very sparse or simply reported as a space of light(s) or even emptiness.

In my experience it is only when we resist this overwhelming urge to reunite with the very source of our origin and focus attention away from it and on to the environment that we become aware of the truly incredible super-dimensional nature of this world. My most recent experience may provide some form of illustration for this (see white panel below).

The Consensus Reality

A Place to Live and to Grow

ground, vortexes made of light, of changing shapes and swirling pattern miles in diameter.

Consensus thought forms. The third infinite aspect is comprised of Infinite numbers of consensus thought forms which I have described at length in my book, diverse structures and territories created by sympathetic beliefs. These only become apparent by focus and the intention of investigating such beliefs. Every thought we have will attract or direct our attention towards sympathetic thought which will spread out like the rays of the sun to create a “super thought”, which establishes itself as a grand edifice for our eyes to feast on and our ears to hear. Whole new environments are assembled by the combined attention of a number of individuals. Here we will find any possible variation to our initial thought.

The fourth infinite aspects are the uncountable numbers of universes which can all be accessed from these and even higher levels. In my own experience the “Many World Interpretation”, although making sense from a quantum mechanical viewpoint, is in fact no more than a fantasy which falls short of the actual reality. It is simply that scientists try to explain non physical events from a physical angle and end up with a misrepresentation of reality.To imagine an infinite number of version of us, with a google to the power of google combinations of events played out in an infinite number of universes seems to me to be sheer madness. The universe does not operate on the laws of madness and it doesn’t need to, because all experience it wants to explore it will and to do this it does not need infinite copies of us or infinite copies of our physical universe.  Seeing Max Blogg having breakfast with a dinosaur in a tent on an asteroid is not part of the synchronistic workings of a creation which springs, from unity, clarity, perfection and harmony and even when it introduces chaos in its process of creating denser physical manifestation it will do so following its own cosmic laws and not those of a demented lunatic. Reality is about repose, symmetry, intelligence, order and harmony and even the chaos follows sensical laws, even if we don’t understand them.

Vast Cities function as universal storehouses for information and meeting places. In my experience I found that cities are one way in which the truly powerful potential of consciousness can be explored. Not only can we attract sympathetic thoughts or ideas, but we are able to attract sympathetic individual consciousnesses as well. We will find new and deeply rewarding relationships, which in turn will lead us to greater understanding by benefiting from mutual experiences. We will find that this is the building material of all the vast civilisations and mega cities in abundance in the super dimensional world. Cities which are of a variety in design and construction which is staggering to the imagination.

I visited three cities which were totally different. One was in the shape of a gigantic lotus flower, which from a distance appeared like a real flower, but vividly alive with pulsating lights and changing colours. It was surrounded by an aura of light. On closer inspections these were individuals and groups of individuals moving about like bees trying to extract honey from a blossom.

The other city was much more traditional with broad bright thoroughfares lined with gigantic trees and numerous parks, canals with boats and impressive architecture. This city was located within a vast plane, which itself was a valley surrounded by a huge mountain range made of a stone which was nothing that could be identified on earth.

The third and most curious city was the one I tried to illustrate with the picture at the top. This city was located on a vast island resting within a lagoon of crystal clear

Some of the cities are “thought colonies”, stranger than science fiction with one of them located on a vast island resting within a lagoon of crystal clear water. It was made out of hundreds of egg-shaped domes, connected with each other via a tubular system. Even the very smallest dome was hundreds of meters in height.

Numerous palaces perfectly express the individuality of their owners basking in magnificent gardens and water parks under a bright celestial sun.

“Take me to the Cities!”

This is an excerpt of a recent Super Dimensional excursion, induced via the meditation explained above, relying on the “Silent Companion” to take me there. The initiation to the experience was extremely personal and started hours before whilst I was shopping. I feel somewhat reluctant to share it at this point, as I feel the circumstances may distract from the facts about the super dimensions I am trying to explore and convey.

10th September 2011

“....I was floating through a green valley along a river. Its banks were lined with lush vegetation merging from beds of pure colours rising like morning mists into the air. These in turn transformed into gentle symmetrical shapes, morphing patterns of incredible beauty and complexity. The river valley was lined with steep translucent rock- like flint or amber, its colours affected by the subtle changes of the atmosphere and mutating through different hues. The rock, which turned out to be not like rock at all, sprouted gossamer protrusions which waved in the air and gently fell down and rose up again at the river banks as if stirred by a celestial wind. I marvelled at the sublime complexity and the synchronised display around me. It all felt as if it was made to play tribute to me, a travelling point of awareness.

Gradually the scene opened up to a large savanna of shallow floating tapestries, an  evolving and mutating pattern which was crisscrossed by a network of rivers snaking their way through this unworldly landscape, a scene which was continually changing, revealing new and unexpected aspects as I travelled along. There was no repetition and not a single familiar feature I could identify. Everything was a fresh beginning, a new episode, a testimony that creation is always new, an untested event and at the very source of coming into being. Though the feeling that I was on home ground was never far away. I was awed by the privilege of being witness to the universe being born.

Then I remembered why I was here and the thought like a command came to me: “Take me to the cities.”

I was instantly directed towards a vast horizon. A gigantic lotus flower emerged in the distance rising out of the glorious mists of an unworldly dawn. The city was designed in the shape of a gigantic lotus blossom, symmetrical petals arranged around a luminous centre. Around the outer perimeters were countless morphing shapes of light and millions of sparks buzzing around like bees trying to extract nectar from a blossom. These were all people, individual souls. Each petal had distinct features and colours which percolated through different shades. I could have easily joined the swarm to discover more about the inner sanctuaries.

Instead I asked to be taken to another city and was instantly directed towards a huge swamp. The edges lined with exotic trees, behind which a large forest covered everything as far as I could see like a tropical rain forest. The light had a pink tinge like worldly evening light, but for evening it was much too bright.

The waters were crystal clear and I could see another world emerging beneath its calm surface. Then, ahead, I saw a glow surrounding huge organic egg-shaped structures, growing out of the ground and resting on an ornate island inside a lagoon, like the nesting ground of a giant dragon. The island was covered with different clusters of spheres around a larger center, hundreds of domes of different shapes, colours and designs, yet all belonging together, harmonising and complementing each other.

This too was a city, a vast information centre. Each large dome, the smallest being at least hundreds of meters in height, formed a vestibule of knowledge and was frequented by swirling lights. Each part of the city was connected by enormous arched tunnels.

I was amazed that I could see the inside and the outside simultaneously as well as being able to connect instantly with the minds that populated this living structure getting an intimate understanding why they were here. Their commerce was knowledge, socialising, benefitting from each other’s experience and presence and merging consciousness, souls and minds....”

water. It was made out of hundreds of egg-shaped domes, connected with each other via a tubular system. Even the very smallest dome was hundreds of meters in height. One of the benefits of observation in this region was that I was able to see both the inside and outside of this city simultaneously. From the inside I walked through endless halls of gigantic arches leading into other domes via huge corridors, which in themselves were enormous. The most fascinating thing was that each dome had a distinct character and atmosphere and, when I talk about atmosphere, these were of a nature which would be impossible to encounter here on earth and characteristic for the enormity of human potential that lies as yet unexplored and can only be explored on these much higher levels. The city was humming with life, but it was not overcrowded as an earthly city would be. I discovered that each dome constituted a different point of interest which attracted like-minded people. The beauty of all this was the incredible diversity and complexity.

Other territories I observed were vast parks with palatial houses. These were the residences of individuals who did little more than meditate. Their properties and surrounding parklands were manifestations of their individuality (see picture at the top). These may be the dwelling places of evolved individuals who are busy serving humanity as guides in one capacity or another. Just by passing through these parts one gets an impression of the elevated consciousness which resides here.

Note: The images created above are just impressions to supplement the report and cannot adequately express the actual scenes.

Below is another account by a fellow Astral Traveller, Lynn, which confirms the sublime atmosphere and feelings, but she also encountered a barrier which points to the fact, that there are subdivisions on the Super Dimensions, just as they are on the Astral dimensional levels. We’ll have to bare in mind that these are not “visions” or “fantasies”, but actual waking-consciousness-type experiences, with the experiencer being there.

Lynn, 19th May 2011

“....I was looking at the beauty of the surroundings. There were trees, shrubs, grass, flowers. All of the plant life was glowing. The flowers were glowing all sorts of colors. The grass was glowing. I laid down on my stomach to look at the grass and the dirt. I wanted to see it closer. The ground was moving in slight waves. Almost like it was breathing. I laid there for a while... It was so breathtaking watching this as though the ground itself was alive. I must have got up because I started to fly into the sky.

I flew up in the sky, I was asking for greater awareness again. I said "please take me where I need to go". There was some type of movement, but I was blocked again by a barricade of some kind. It was black. Everything seemed to be black, but I could see the stars. I could hear this loud beautiful music playing. I didn't recognize it, but it was beautiful. Something told me to pay attention to the barricade so I did. It appeared to be large and round, but as I kept looking at it, symbols started to appear in it. The symbols were etched into it. I could not read it, but it was very elegant.....

In these experiences I am me but not me. I have acute clarity, I feel more alive than I am in the physical (which is difficult to describe), aspects of my personality are different: I have confidence, fearlessness, feeling love and accepted by all (not being judged), the most intense bliss I have ever felt, but I have humbleness....”