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Videos in Deutscher Sprache

Multidimensional Man - Video Talks 1

2nd Evita Ochel Interview - EBTV

EBTV with host Evita Ochel ( and returning guest Jurgen Ziewe in a dialogue about Jurgen's work on life after death — what to expect and how to prepare. - 2nd Dec 2016

1st Evita Ochel Interview - EBTV

EBTV with host Evita Ochel and featured guest Jurgen Ziewe in a dialogue about Jurgen's work with multidimensional reality, including out-of-body experiences and life after death.

2nd Sept 2016

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Rick Archer is best known for interviewing people who had profound “Awakening Experiences” and over the years he has demonstrated that a state of awakening is a powerful potential we all share. He talks to Jurgen about his take on it.

Multidimensional Awakening - 2

1 - The total aspect of your self

2 - The future of our human evolution

3 - Awakening changes cognitive processes

4 - The creative impact of OBEs and realisation

5 - How does awakening inform our action?

6 - Questions & Answers

Multidimensional Awakening - 1

1 - Why are we here?

2 - The multi-streamed path

3 - Spontaneous enlightenment

4 - The silent companion

5 - OBEs as teaching experiences

6 - Higher states of consciousness

7 - Awakening is a never ending path

April 2017

Conversation with Ian McNay of Consciousness TV about the book


April 2017

Conversation with Renate McNay of Consciousness TV about:

“Out of Body Experiences”

Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour with Jurgen Ziewe - 2016

Awareness instead of beliefs. Shifting awareness through higher dimensional bodies

Tom Campbell and Jürgen Ziewe: A Physicist and an Artist Speak about Consciousness

This discussion between Tom Campbell and Jurgen Ziewe delves into the discoveries of a physicist and an artist based on their combined eighty years of experience in consciousness exploration.

What Happens When You Die?with Joshua Tongol

The Flipside Podcast, I chat between out-of-body explorer/multidimensional traveler, Jurgen Ziewe and Joshua Tongol

Vistas of Infinity - The far Reaches of Consciousness
 A short summery presentation of some of the Afterlife condition we may experience, based on personal experiences of Out-of-Body travels as chronicled in the books "Multidimensional Man" and "Vistas of Infinity" by the author and artist Jurgen Ziewe.

Podcast with Jurgen Ziewe and Maverick Vardøger

Cyrus Kirkpatrick and Jürgen Ziewe discuss their experiences in Astral Travel

three our late night radio show:

“Lighting the Void”