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“Do you believe in God?”

At a party I was recently asked by a guest who read my book: “You never mention in your book whether you believed in God. Do you?”

I answered that her question contained a paradox. By you saying you (only) “believe” in God you are implying that you are unsure of the reality of its existence. You can only believe, but there is still an element of uncertainty. If you accept that God created you then it must follow that every atom and particle of your body, including your mind, your thoughts and everything you are, must also be made out of God. How can God create something that is not part of itself. In “believing” in God you are actually demonstrating your insecurity. Doubt is inextricably connected to belief. By believing in God rather than accepting its reality you are actually implying that God is not part of you, it is something else, something separate from you. But how can it be if it created and sustains you?

Consequently religions professing a belief in God are actually denying its reality and instead they are weaving a web of theories and belief systems around it, building complex structures in order to hide the fact that they are not sure and are actually denying God and Its reality. In doing so their different interpretations and scriptures are pitted against each other resulting in opposition, confrontation, hatred, war and often loss of life.

When she pressed me further to be more specific I confessed to her that I do not belief in God. How can I? There is simply no reason to belief in God when every atom in the universe is living proof of its reality. We only have to open our eyes to the fact that we exist every moment of the day to have this fact confirmed in the living present that surrounds us and so there is no room for belief. There is only consciousness. There is nothing outside it. If it helps you to call this presence God that is up to you. I prefer the word consciousness or awareness of the present, because that’s what it is in essence and it is less laden with meaning and prejudice. Every atom in this universe is at its essence consciousness. Every person you meet and speak to is consciousness and at heart intimately related to you. Everywhere you walk you walk on hallowed ground and everybody you speak to is a “divine” being in its most poetic sense.

People who mean you harm and each other are only exiling themselves from the rest of us and consciousness as a whole. Their suffering is one of loneliness and desertion.

“So do you believe then that religions should be abolished?” she asked in a slightly provocative way.

Absolutely not. Imagine the great organisational power which is invested in the religious institutions. Their incredible structure and their means of bringing people together and uniting them. But their organisational power should not be used to impose differing beliefs and assumptions on us and compete against each other for supremacy, but instead we should put aside our differences and devote our energies and organisational resources to helping mankind to alleviate our problems of suffering, health, starvation and environmental issues by accepting and embracing the reality. Instead we should focus on the fact that we are all part of the same consciousness.

Take for example Christian Aid and the many initiatives the Christian faith has inspired to alleviate suffering or Muslim Aid, which has been in operation for 25 years and yet so little attention has been drawn to it. It is man’s instinctive awareness that we are all part of the same creation that makes us want to help each other and rejoice in our unity. Why dilute our energies by fighting one another. Instead let us provide spaces, retreats and trained instructors for meditation. Promote techniques to make us aware and realise consciousness, to clear our minds so we can embrace reality instead of avoiding it, manifest enlightenment instead of the hysteria, emotion, prejudice and superstition which is so often attached to belief.

Instead of preaching morality why not empower us as individuals in order to unearth and discover our inner sense of “morality”. Instead of burdening us with rigid dogma and tying us to ancient outmoded texts why not liberate our minds and spirits through meditation and help us to self-actualise and develop our potential?

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