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Shape Shifters

One of the things which can lead you into thinking that your OBE may be no more than a dream are the incredible  surreal transformations that can take place right in front of your own eyes.

When I first came across this phenomena I began to doubt the evidence of my own eyes, but looking at it more logically it began to make sense: The ability of inhabitants to transform their outer appearance.

Multidimensional Man Page 163:

“Whereas on the physical world costume is all we can muster to express our individuality, imagination here had become physical reality, and despite the diversity everything was in complete harmony.

I was prompted to laugh out loud when observing parts of the display: some were uninhibitedly erotic, with a whole group of attractive women and men, half morphed into fantasy leopards, blatantly displaying their desires whilst indulging in a sexual dance routine. Others had transformed into Gods and Goddesses projecting sparks and bolts of lightning into the sky using just powerful gestures.

Inevitably every carnival has people on stilts, but these people had genuine long legs and arms, allowing for more exuberant expressions of their dance movements. There were dancing fantasy shapes, continuously changing, totally abstract and bearing little resemblance to the people who had transmuted into them. There were attractive alien creatures, white lights bursting from their insides though their metallic scales, illuminating the crowd around them.”

This was not the only time I had observed this when out of the body. I had witnessed the transformation of my mother from and old woman into a young trendy teenager. On the lower levels I had seen people transformed into hideous gargoyles simply as a result of their hideous inner natures. Eventually I began to accept that people were able to morph also as a result of their intent as well as a result of their inner character. We can to a degree even witness this in physical life, if not quite to such dramatic effect. When we see a happy person they appear younger and more youthful. The same person being depressed and unhappy visibly ages.

Out of body travellers might as well accept that the worlds they enter, follow completely new laws. Laws, which when looked at with the rationality of our sane physical senses, appear plainly absurd. But if we confront the next dimensions with an open, unconditioned and analytical mind we can draw from the text books of psychology a better understanding of such phenomena.

Sunday 16th of January 2011:

After a ten minute break I meditated for about another hour. I then became aware of the strong hypnagogic image of a road with dark grey gravel. I entered into the scene. The first thing to do was to establish full waking awareness. This was extraordinarily clear. I picked up some gravel from the ground and watched it closely as it ran through my fingers making a musical tinkling sound. I repeated this three times. Each time my waking awareness became more acute, until I was confident that I had full waking consciousness. The first thing I did was to take to the air to check out the environment.

I sailed high up through the air on “the wings of euphoria” leaving hills and mountains streaming past  underneath me. I then noticed a hillside community, little cute dwellings nestling against the hillsides. Moving closer I noticed that they were artist’s open air studios. The first artist I saw, as I hovered about ten feet above her, was a woman producing a pencil drawing of a life model. To my utter astonishment I noticed that the artist herself was covered in pencil marks, almost as if somebody had drawn her herself. A little further along I spotted a large building also built into the hillside, with a number of studios jutting out like balconies into the open. I landed in a court yard and then proceeded to visit a large studio.

To my utter astonishment I found that the artists looked rather surreal. One in particular stood out as if he was a cubist representation of his painting. To my astonishment nearly all the artists in the classroom somewhat resembled their own paintings, One man in particular stood out because of the grotesqueness of his drawing, in which he represented himself  with snakes in place of his limbs. Again with his drawing on the paper closely resembling his actual disfigured body. Had I not been in full waking consciousness during this whole episode I could have easily believed that this was just a very weird dream, but it was not. I then realized that the intense concentration of these artists had them identified so much with their work, that they had transformed themselves into a 3D version of their drawings. When I spoke to one of them, with her concentration broken, she morphed slowly back into herself with a smile.

This episode made me aware how intensely psychological this world actually is. Looking back to the past I did not always enter such strange events into my journals simply because I had felt that I had fallen victim to an elaborate dream and that I had not been observing an objective consensus reality at all.

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