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This website is to document the on-going investigations into our multidimensional universe and is based on the out-of-body journals gathered over a period of nearly forty years of exploration by the artist and illustrator Jurgen Ziewe, which are compiled in the book Mutlidimensional Man (left). This website gives on-going and in-depth account of the discoveries.  more

An ongoing investigation into out-of-body states of consciousness and multidimensional realities

Credibility Issues and why it is so difficult to prove Out-of-Body Experiences

Awareness instead of belief

In order to find answers about the inner mysteries of our own nature and the universe we live in, relying on belief is not an option. We will have to set out on the journey for ourselves and explore firsthand what we are really made of and the multiple layers of reality which surround us. The author gives an insight into what motivates him and navigates the reader through the different levels of consciousness . more

Exploring the genesis of our universe is not just restricted to mathematicians and cosmologists. Exploring different levels of consciousness while out of the body can gain us valuable information about the inner workings of nature.          more

The greatest criticism Out-Of-Body travellers face from skeptics is the fact that they are unable to supply proof of their OBE excursions, for example by reading messages out of sight from physical view or information from remote locations. This lack of supplying scientific evidence is the greatest stumbling block of OBEs being taken seriously. At least here is an explanation why proof is so difficult to obtain. more

What is it like to be dead?

In a series of articles the author tries to dispel our fear of death by describing what a person might encounter when crossing over. He does so by familiarising us with the fact that depending on the level of consciousness there is a corresponding dimension we will inhabit. The most efficient way of dispelling our fears is to see for ourselves via Out-of-Body travelling and Lucid Dreaming.                              more


The Super Dimensions -
Worlds beyond the Out-of-Body state

    NEW Article:   What do we know about life after death and how do we know it?What_is_it_like_to_be_dead.html

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This site is a free, non-profit making site, intended to supply extra information for the readers of my books and others who are interested in Out-Of-Body travel and exploring higher states of consciousness.

A New Model of the Multidimensional Universe

Can we simulate OBEs and
Near Death Experiences?

Work is going on on multiple levels.Technology is advancing and those who know me as an illustrator and artist will have learned that I am also involved in a project whereby I want to use technology to trigger meditative states involving Virtual Reality. I am also keen to recreate some of the impressions gained during Out of Body experiences and expressed in my pictures, into virtual environments so that people who have enjoyed my images can enter the actual worlds they depict and experience these from the inside. This year Virtual Reality will go commercial. I hope people will be able to view some of my work as if they were actually there in the near future. Click on the teaser below or visit the website Light & Magic

What happens when attention is focused on Attention for one week? What does it feel like when you step over the very edge of human consciousness and cross the great divide which separates individual identity from a unified and cosmic sense of being? The video above describes some of the experiences which lead to the book THE TEN MINUTE MOMENT

Video Talk about
The Ten Minute Moment

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VISTAS OF INFINITY goes further than ever before into the Afterlife States. A follow up to Multidimensional Man it covers the seven years after its publication, drawn from reports of over sixty hours spent in hyper lucid Out-of-Body states of consciousness. New insights into life after death and detailed accounts of the Heaven worlds.

For more information click here

Enlightenment and what it means

Awakenings and Spiritual Transformative Experiences (STE) and how their integration transforms our personal lives.

This is a new 2-part article dealing with some misconceptions about enlightenment and the integration of an Awakening experience into our everyday lives. People who had Near Death experiences (NDEs) or powerful Spiritual Transformative Experiences (STEs) often find it hard to accept being thrown back into their old lives after having learned that their true identity and true home appears to be located in a different dimension.

In reality their true home is never far away. It is located right here in our everyday reality. Once we connect the two we become permanently awakened and our world transformed.

We have been led to believe that Enlightenment is the preserve of a spiritual elite. This is a fallacy.It is the very bases of our human nature, the platform on which to build our lives and interact with the world most effectively. And it is the only sane mental state which will allow us to deal with our increasing global problems.                               more

New Part 3 of Enlightenment:

Shifting our Awareness onto a Higher Level of Consciousness

This new article explores Life after Awakening and how the flame of enlightenment is kept alive and burning. It describes a very simple technique to keep our attention rooted in infinite Here And Now reality awareness by transcending our thoughts, utilising perception via the heart. Instead of making pros and cons decisions our actions are guided by wisdom and stillness. This article is also the bases for the December Talk               more

There is a dimension more strange, more mysterious, more fascinating and more overwhelming than we can ever imagine. These are the Super Dimensional levels of consciousness. Be prepared to enter a strange new world, yet a world at the very heart of each one of us.

4 Part Article           more    

Where do we go after we die?

Watch this in-depth video.

Reports and Observations from
Out-of-Body Explorations.

A presentation over Skype to the Institute of Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies.

Rick Archer Interview:
Buddha at the Gas Pump

Rick Archer is best known for interviewing people who had profound “Awakening Experiences” and over the years he has demonstrated that a state of awakening is a powerful potential we all share. He talks to Jurgen about his take on it.

Going into the nitty-gritty of non-physical reality exploration dealing with questions of multiple dimensions, thoughts about God, how it all started, the main discoveries, communicating with dead people, about meditation etc. Jurgen responds to many questions not dealt with elsewhere.                      more

Interview with Jurgen

Two new conversations with Consciousness Expansion Teacher Evita Ochel

Evita Ochel is a yoga and meditation teacher who has devoted her life helping others live out the highest potential of their being by offering guidance and resources in the areas of spiritual evolution.