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Most out-of-body travelers I’ve met and spoken to have somehow diminished or transcended their fear of death, for the very obvious reason that they know they can function perfectly well without their physical body (although this realization doesn’t impact on their survival instinct). They already know, that when their time comes it will be little different from an out-of-body experience. It is likely they will already have contacted dead relatives or friends.

So what is it like to be dead?

We are conditioned during physical life to believe that the world we live in is solid or ‘real.’ This conditioning is maintained once we cross over into the next dimensions. The world around us appears to be as solid as on the physical and, at least on the lower levels, quite impregnable. As our spiritual awareness develops, we increasingly realize that the multidimensional universe is made of a substance which can be influenced, moulded and manipulated by consciousness in a way that is staggering to the imagination.

To qualify this statement I must stress that our power of influencing the environments is limited by our level of consciousness. On the other hand, subconscious energies powerfully shape the environment on the next levels whether we like it or not, and to an extent over which we have little control when rooted within the lower consciousness level. These subconscious and psychological energies have tremendous creative power. Not only do they interact with our afterlife or OBE environment, but also with our own appearance.

We have to bear in mind that the heavy physical cloak we are surrounded with in our physical life is an effective shield which keeps what is going on inside us hidden from view to the outside world. Deception and pretense is easy. But once these physical protections are no longer available to us our inner life is exposed for the world to see.

This is why I advocate a life of psychological hygiene, in which we keep our emotions free from the pollution of negative thoughts and focus our attention on positives such as love, including the multitudes of positive values which form the fabric of most civilized societies. I am not promoting any form of morality. Morality is an individual issue, based on inner freedom to choose and our current level of self - actualization. We have to decide what psychological hygiene consists of for ourselves.

People on the lower sub levels

The depth, variety and the richness of personal experience of the “afterlife” experienced while out of the body, (hopefully with a clear or perhaps even an awakened mind), cannot be matched by anything we may read via mediums or other people’s reports. Personal experience rules, simple because nothing we read can live up to the testimony of our own eyes. To the seasoned Out-of-body-traveller: next time you’re out of your body, study your environment, talk to the people you meet and call on your helpers who are willing to show you the territories. Many of my insights into the higher dimension are the result of interviews conducted with the “dead”, asking to be taken to places of interest or to be introduced into the fascinating mechanics and psychology of these strange, wonderful and awesome worlds.

The first thing we have to get used to is that our minds and the world we enter are intrinsically linked and when we first visit these dimensions we may find it difficult to make sense of the phenomena we encounter.

To illustrate my point I would like to describe a recent out-of-body event where I was taken by a guide to witness somebody's mental turmoil. I was led into a room and on the floor was a remnant of a person. Only his head, his right arm and his chest were there. The rest of him was being gradually devoured by what looked like an army of white maggots. On closer inspection I found that this man was literally being eaten up by powerful emotions of resentment and anger. Here, instead of the emotion festering quietly inside his head they were literally eating him up before my eyes and I could see that soon there would be nothing left of him other than consciousness. Eventually it would take him to the very core of what was eating him hopefully with a powerful realization which would restore him to his habitual shape.

Life after Death 3

What is it like to be “dead”? - The Lowest Dimensions

On closer inspection, however, we find that these are very natural territories created by the prevailing energies and populated by individuals whose states of minds are unable to raise them into more elevated dimensions. The landscapes differ greatly and can be anything from underground caves to derelict towns. The negative emotions experienced here are greatly enhanced, much more intense than when experienced while still shrouded in a physical body. Environments too are experienced very “physically”, the cold is not just cold, but has a bitter painful component, a psychological cold. Pain can be experienced many times more potently than via the physical body. In the same way as joy and pleasure will be experienced much more powerfully on the higher levels of consciousness and dimensions than is possible here on the physical.

Nature doesn’t judge it just reacts.

The fact that negativity cuts people off from creative energies is clearly illustrated on the lower levels. Inhabitants, who are conditioned to lead self - oriented, selfish lives with little regard for other forms of consciousness, have their creative powers vastly curtailed. Not as a punishment, but because their focus of attention is directed away from the all - pervading cosmic energy and forced into what is little more than an idea or an illusion of the self and directed away from its creative origin. The environment they inhabit has little esthetic appeal. The atmosphere is dim or dark, sometimes shrouded in heavy cold mists; vegetation is sparse, wilted or non existent. Negative emotions and feeling can find expression in grotesque thought forms. I encountered towering buildings with bleak windows or little signs of occupation. These were simply the outcrop of some monstrous, overbearing arrogance and self - importance having established its presence. They last as long as the prevailing emotions, but nevertheless can have a strange feeling of permanence.

People of a similar bent and persuasion often group together and, interestingly, put themselves at the mercy of each others shortcomings. On the higher dimensions too like -minded people tend to group together, as indeed they do on earth, but there they benefit greatly from each others spiritual generosity and love.

On the lower sub levels people often find to their dismay that no matter how long they walk to find their way out of the place and away from their companions they will still only encounter varieties of bleakness with no change of quality and they will always encounter people of a similar ilk. When observing these straying characters the word “lost souls” comes to my mind. The only way their world will change is via a change of attitude and consciousness.

As gruesome as these scenes are to me as an outsider I have quickly realized that psychology on this dimension finds a much more profound expression and hopefully leads to quicker progress and individual growth. But there are no guarantees and progress is totally dependent on the individuals will for change.

The story of the man being eaten up by resentment is also a graphic illustration of how the world on the lowest dimensions works. We largely maintain our human shape because of habituation, but it is not static.

Here on earth we accept that “makeovers” can change us dramatically. On the next level our shape and appearance are very much determined by our psychological makeup. The more symmetric and beautiful our appearance the more positive, beautiful and creative our inner life. The more unattractive, deformed and hideous, the more negative the content of ourselves.

On the higher levels we will be astonished to find what an exceptional beautiful species we really are when we function on such positive sets of emotions and attitudes. The loveliness of the people I have met has been simply enchanting and the attractiveness of their personalities deeply rewarding.

We can already see, that the next dimension is a very powerful place of learning which can be dramatic, rapid and painful - but very effective.

The very lowest dimensions can be very desolate places with negative emotions prevailing and burdening the atmosphere. It is easy to see why in Christian and other religious traditions these are referred to as Hell. Religions have derived a lot of their propaganda material from these realms and used it to promote fear in order to keep their followers bound to their prescribed morality and glued to the folds of the church.

A poverty of mind and spirit is often expressed in the poverty of our environment on the lower dimensional or astral levels.