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We are not floating bubbles or globes of light drifting through vaporous mists when we die. We are just as real with proper bodies as we are on the physical plane.

People frequently think of the dead as disembodied spirits in the shape of balls of light or fuzzy ghostly apparitions when they contemplate a life after death. 

When I read some of these reports (not all) by well known regressionists using deep hypnotic trance in order to lead their subjects into afterlife states, I have been surprised to discover that many of the accounts consist of seeing disembodied orbs of light, specks of awareness without eyes drifting in a sea of hazy mists surrounded by other energies, being pulled by certain currents and conglomerating in hives of souls.

Very few of these reports compare with any of my own observations and experiences conducted over the last forty years of out-of-body investigation into life after death. Regardless of what the hypnotist or their subjects may claim and despite risking making myself unpopular with hundreds of thousands of followers of such reports, I believe it is highly likely that at least some of the hypnotees were describing a mental abstraction of their waking life experience within their social groups of friends, families and other social dynamics, rather than an authentic life after death experience.

During deep meditation I have contemplated certain mechanics of everyday life, group dynamics, relationships and feelings in a very similar abstract fashion as described by the hypnotees. It is only natural for the brain to think in a more abstract sense when trying to understand complex systems. I imagine hypnosis can lead us down a similar path.

The total absence in such reports of any description of the overwhelmingly beautiful landscapes and environments which often greet us when out of the body, especially on the higher dimensional levels, leads me to the conclusion that the hypnotic subjects may have failed to register these incredible vistas of our parallel universe. How is that possible? I believe some may have ventured along a path within their own minds, imagining what an afterlife would look like, rather than actually visiting it, or pondering their lives by externalising it, including real life relationships, their guiding Jungian Higher Self assuming the persona of their spiritual guide etc.

In my own experience I have found it impossible to ignore the very abundant environments I have found myself in without at least making a fleeting reference to them. My own experience of the higher dimensions presented itself much more sharply; I have often found myself in an expanded state of consciousness with a much more acute awareness.

Our post physical state is the exact opposite of what is written in those reports, with the new after-death body being more vibrant, more energetic and more developed in its human shape than it can possibly be on earth or in the imagination. The human form, especially on the higher levels, attains a new degree of perfection. The new environments and surroundings too are more “solid” in a sense. Everything on the higher dimension is more vibrant, with more energy radiating from all creation. By comparison the physical reality appears like a pale reflection, life being clearly at a more advanced state of development than it is able to manifest on the physical level. The nature surrounding us is more profuse, more abundant and with a sense of “presence” which will allow us immediately to connect to it.

Though it is true that we can function as awareness without a body temporarily, this is rare, as the energies of our habitual identity inevitable seek to endow us with a body which vibrates on the same frequency as the dimension it inhabits.

So people preparing themselves for their future life after discarding their physical body can take comfort in the fact that our afterlife, provided we move beyond the first two levels described here next, will be anything other than a vague amorphous floating around in featureless mists. In “Multidimensional Man” large chunks of the book have been devoted to the description of such abundant afterlife.

The Super Dimensions - Beyond the “Astral” Levels

Even on the higher, much more spiritual or “soul” levels, which I like to refer to as the Super Dimensions, where people will have shed their astral bodies in order for their consciousness to operate more freely within a completely new territory, reality assumes an even greater profusion and is unlike anything we are accustomed to or can even imagine. The fact that the higher worlds or “soul” levels are so difficult to embrace with conventional thinking accounts for our willingness to simplify and substitute these with vague beliefs. At best using ideas the brain can readily accept such as lights, energies, colours or sounds and stretch as far as angelic beings populating a realm of shifting mists, but our brain cannot make sense of realities which lie outside its comprehension and jurisdiction and are so profound, diverse and rich.

Unless we are able to consciously project into these super dimensional states, having discarded our lower cognitive tools and taken possession of vastly superior modes of perception, we tend to leave these realms within the authority of some God or deity who we trust in, abandoning knowledge in favour of faith or belief. In fact it is within our blueprint as an evolving species that these states of consciousness are there for us to explore and draw upon to fulfil our human potential (more about this in a future article).

However, once travelers have been trained, developed and tuned their new tools of perception, often with the help of a spiritual guide, they are likely to report having encountered worlds which are anything but shifting mists, but incredibly more real in every sense, and more diverse and interesting than anything known to man or encountered on the lower astral levels.

The consensus environments on these “spiritual” dimensions (for lack of a better word) are truly of a mind boggling magnitude. A sheer unlimited number of different worlds can be entered simply by a switch of attention or focus. Worlds of dynamically shifting and morphing designs, responding intimately to the slightest shift in consciousness, forever evolving, expanding and reacting joyfully to the slighted creative stimulus.

In trying to pay homage to what I have found, I have attempted to capture aspects of this in my video Samadhi. Sadly, in comparison to the real thing it is little more than a child’s scribble. It is best left to the individual Out-of-Body investigator to discover the awesomeness of the higher realms of our afterlife for themselves.

For anyone faced with the prospect of an early departure from this world, they should take comfort in the fact that our future looks bright if we tune into the harmonies of the universal laws.

Life after Death 2

What is it like to be “dead”? - Common misconceptions and reality

What do we know about life after death and how do we know it?


Distinct ideas of the afterlife of millions of people has been influenced by the ancient scriptures of many of our religions. Generally these texts are outdated with little or no modification, deriving their authority from the fact that they are thousands of years old and reportedly written by a person who had an intimate connection with God. Descriptions of the afterlife are often composed to instil fear in the followers in order to keep them adhering to the moral directives of their religions and society. Little effort has been made to paint an objective picture of the afterlife.


Mediums rely on messages received via their guides or channels to obtain description of the life in the world unseen. The most prominent books of this genre, such as “Life in the World Unseen” by Anthony Borgia and a great number of other authors are highly inspirational and have influenced many of our ideas of the afterlife. Often these descriptions have been recycled and become cliches. Some of the statements, that there is only eternal summer, a constant temperature, no day or night etc. have acquired dogma status and are not universally applicable. Although many medium writers are genuine faithful channellers, they rarely ever succeed in adequately conveying the complex psychological interconnectivity between the human mind and the environment which are always in an interdependant relationship.


As mentioned in the article left there are a number of books which contain hundreds of regression reports obtained via guided hypnosis, claiming to recall past ‘inter lives.’ The clinical value and therapeutic benefit to the subjects hypnotised may be unquestionable, the authenticity of their reports however is not. The large number of cliched descriptions reported arouses suspicion in the same way as false memory syndromes did in the nineties. Many seasoned Out of Body projectors will raise eyebrows when being confronted with some of the stereotypical observations. However, this does not mean that hypnosis is incapable of taking a subject into a state of deep trance in order for them to explore the deeper seats of consciousness, including past lives and inter-lives.

Near-death experiences

These days near-death experiences are taken most seriously by science with hundreds of reports being gathered almost on a daily base and research conducted at leading universities. “Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences” by Jeffrrey Long is one example. This is an interesting field much reported, studied and written about. There are a large number of authentic accounts of experiences of people suffering temporary clinical death. The drawbacks are that these experiences are generally very short and often coloured or distorted by the personal beliefs of the subject undergoing the experience, but it becomes more interesting if a scientist reports such an event (see video below).

It is important to stress that the ideas of an afterlife, where souls drift as disembodied blobs of light through a featureless landscape of hazy mists belong into the same bin of poor imagination as angels with harps sitting on clouds or devils with pitch forks torturing our sinful souls in an eternal fire of hell.

The most important point to make is that when we die we retain real bodies, are greeted by real people. We are being introduced into new real worlds with real gardens, houses, parks, lakes and rivers, cities and buildings and everything else we are accustomed to from this earth, though frequently vastly richer, more profuse and more grandiose. If anything our new world will make our past earth life appear like a distant dream.

Find out here what the different levels of the afterlife are and what people are likely to encounter after death.Lowest_Dimension.html


In the nineteenth century theosophists such as Madam Blavatsky and W.C. Leadbeater made valiant efforts to shed some light on the topography of the higher dimensions, often using joint Out of Body projection techniques for mutual verification. This was a milestone in super dimensional investigation, but it did not include important psychological phenomena which we have relatively recently learned. Our current knowledge of psychology helps to understand many of the phenomena encountered when projecting out of the body, such as manifestations brought about by inner conflict etc

Out-of-body experiences

These are by far the most common and perhaps the most authentic, reliable and repeatable forms of investigation, with more and more people familiarising themselves with man’s new frontiers. Although most reports are subjective and sometimes mixed up with projections, there are often common phenomena reported. Some investigators take a very scientific approach such as Dr. Charles Tart and Thomas Campbell. There are now a number of centres such as the Monroe Institute and others teaching Out-of-Body projection techniques. Their common philosophy tends to be that the individual has to find proof and the answers about an afterlife for themselves. There are still issues with beliefs distorting the reality and making it difficult to arrive at a universally acceptable understanding of our multidimensional realities, but little by little a certain consensus is being arrived at.

Robert Monroe, Bruce Moen and William Buhlman are some of the pioneers who have opened the path for many. We have only just arrived at a new frontier which goes beyond religion and puts the individual investigator at the centre. By exchanging experiences, discussing them on forums we are gradually assembling a better understanding of what we are dealing with when out of the body.

Deep meditation

I have discovered during deep meditation that is is possible to attain knowledge regarding the higher dimensions, via focus, without actually leaving the body. Initially I used this method after an out-of-body experience, where I revisited a scene in order to take in additional information not registered during the actual excursion.

At first I was suspicious about the authenticity of this method. I later discovered that once the higher mind is tuned into the right frequency that it is possible to glean new information of the multi dimensional levels via deep trance. It is important though that not to fall victim to the imagination and to adhere strictly to a “reality consciousness” which functions independently from our subjective self. We will need to be fully tuned into the “present” without any attachment to our ego identity.

Neuro Scientist Dr. Eben Alexamder on his Near Death Experience - Interviewed by Oprah Winfrey 

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