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Model of the Multidimensional Universe

The Diagram shows a crude model of the dimensions. It could be reversed, the physical on the inside, the higher dimensions on the outside, or it could be a flat infinite plane. The model does not adequately lend itself for illustration for obvious reason, as we are really dealing with states of consciousness.

However, this diagram should provide an idea of the relationships between the dimensions. The physical dimensions on the outside indicate there could be any number of physical universes. Ours is just one of the black dots. Please note the globular strings on the right, getting bigger as they reach down towards their original source. The underlying universes are massively larger than the physical one, which is only a minute fraction of the whole. The higher-dimensional universes get larger and more numerous as they approach their origin, and they acquire massive increases of creative power the closer they get. There could be any number of creations with infinite dimensions and unlimited universes. They are linear as well as parallel. Each globular hierarchy represents a universe with its underlying counterpart, getting more massive as the dimensions approach their origin.

A similar model can be applied to the Solar system, with the physical planets represented by the dark dots sitting on the outer surface of the skin; and further into the model are other planets, which have not manifested in the physical solar system. Their counterparts on the nonphysical dimensions increase in number as well as dimension the closer they get to their original creation dimension, which means there are additional planets in the solar system that don’t have a physical counterpart at all.

So on each dimension there are numerous counterparts of Earth, getting larger and larger (so there is never any chance of any overcrowding).

Contrary to what the diagram suggests, the dimensions towards the creative centre become vaster exponentially. It is best to imagine it as a creative trickle-down effect. As the matter becomes coarser and denser toward physical manifestation, the manifestation becomes progressively sparser until we get to the relatively sparsely populated physical universe. Scientists estimate that our visible universe is only 4% of its total. The rest is made out of dark matter. The phrase ‘dark matter’ indicates simply that we don’t know what the matter is. I would rather call it the ‘light matter’, consistent with the model as a representation of multidimensionality, which account for the bits science can’t explain as yet. The problem science faces is that as soon as it unlocks the mystery of the next dimension beneath the structure of our matter and the universe, it will find another dimension immediately, which is just as hard to penetrate, and so on and on.

The only way to solve the mystery adequately is through consciousness with a scientific mindset, but it has got to reach beyond thought. The problem is that when scientists reach that point they will probably understand the relative insignificance of their quest in the light of what they experience. But it’s worth trying, from a very human point-of-view.

The comparison is a bit like seeing our galaxy as representing the physical universe and the whole universe with its billions of galaxies as the higher dimensions.

But the higher we go into them, the more diverse things become. When experiencing what I referred to as the ‘heavens’, I noticed their structure seemed to be formed like an infinite sponge, with one chamber leading to the next, divided only by shifts of awareness rather than space.

Although the diagram shows only five membranes, they are in fact subdivided much more than could be illustrated, whereas in the narrative, I subdivided them into six: physical, Earth-like, intermediate, higher, heaven, and pure reality. Pure reality may yet consist of further subdivisions, which may be beyond reach for man at its present evolutionary stage. Also, different parallel universes become accessible the higher the consciousness rises. Space travel is possible already on the next dimension from Earth because there space can be collapsed, but only for the out-of-body-traveller at present.

To collapse linear time, a still higher dimension is required, and at a lower level only the past can be accessed.

As with any theory, interpretations of my experiences are wide open to debate. After all, mine are the observations of an artist rather than a qualified theoretical scientist or mathematician.

I would be keen to read out-of-body reports from astrophysicists and other scientists. All they need to do to find ‘the answer’ is to pose the question when out of their body and allow the magnetic energy of their desire for knowledge to guide them to the right source.

Recently, when illustrating a book on Deep Space, I became fascinated about the question of the origin of our universe. When out of my body I posed the question of how the universe began. I hoped to become the eyewitness to the Big Bang. To my great surprise I was confronted with four sounds. I know that scientifically sounds are the result of waveforms; but are they really? Could there be another dimension where sound creates wave forms rather than the other way around? And what is sound anyway? Sound plays an incredibly important role when visiting the higher dimensions. This also corresponds to the four forces which science places at the heart of the universe: Gravity, Electromagnetic, Strong Force and Weak Force

At the moment the only theory we have is still the Big Bang, but I am sure we will become more specific as our knowledge increases. I would like to challenge any nuclear or astrophysicist, who masters the art of Out-of-body projection to pose the same question as I did. Hopefully, his or her scientific mindset, may well supply the mathematics to one of our greatest mysteries.