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Jurgen Ziewe’s books:

The first thirty years of in-depth reporting of Life in non-physical realities obtained during Out-of-Body experiences.

Published 2008

Further in-depth reports of over sixty hours spent in non-physical reality and higher states of consciousness, 2008 to 2015

Published 2015

An in-depth report about a week spent in meditation in a solitary retreat in a mountain cabin in Scotland where the author remembered his true self which released him permanently from erroneous identification.

Published 2013

Virtual Reality APPs Videos:

VR Development Commentries:

Please support the work and help make lucid dreams come real.

The final work will be completely free for anybody with a Virtual Reality Headset to download and enjoy. The idea behind is to immerse people and give them a glimpse of other dimensional realities and also to inspire with the fantastic musical composition of Craig Pruess, whose divine sounds are channelled from deep inner states. (You can also buy his music here independently.)

But like all development projects funds are energy to drive it forward. Money is needed for the development and hosting. If you make a small contribution you are practically part of the development team, because it means much time will be saved by purchasing assets rather then spending weeks and months developing them. You will also receive 15 images to download as a token of gratitude (see below). Thank you.

Sponsorship donations will go to directly to Jurgen Ziewe via 3D Illustrations Ltd

Receive 15 High Resolution Astral Images (4K) with your sponsorship donation:

All images are taken from potential
Astral Overview Effects Scenes

As well as downloading free Virtual Reality apps and and videos you can also download other images from Jurgen Ziewe’s was image gallery as free screen savers or wallpaper.