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An exceptional reading experience

This book should be thoroughly enjoyed by readers who have been deeply moved by the works of authors such as Robert Monroe, Bruce Moen, Rosalind McKnight etc.

The great attraction of this author lies in his inherent ability to effortlessly draw you into his experiential world through his astonishing gift of accurately recreating the visual landscapes along with their affecting power, which he encounters in his captivating out-of-body explorations.

Not only that, but I found the transcendental essence of his interdimensional excursions was deeply impacting as well.

Given the level-headed nature of this man's reporting style, you can't help but be instantly transported with him into the very real worlds that he visits in full awareness and for extended periods of time as well.

Particularly fascinating and affecting is the lengthy description of his deeply profound experience beyond human form towards the end of the book.

I'd like to extend my greatest thanks to this author for making the effort to share his very personal and transformational experiences.

Absolutely essential reading for seekers of truth and greater consciousness.

Multidimensional Man Book Reviews (Amazon)

A book that leaves you with awe,
anticipation and inspiration.

Multidimensional Man reads like a travel journal into different levels of human consciousness. It is like nothing I have read before.

At times I found myself filled with complete peace; an inner warmth arose from deep within me - as I read accounts that touched at something so intrinsically familiar and yet seemingly so far removed from my experience in waking life.

The author managed to describe his experiences in such an accessible way that I felt as though his words were reminding me of a deeper inner reality and awaken me from the dream.

He has a matter of fact approach to his experiences, and a natural ability to describe things intelligently, poetically and eloquently that are not at all easy to describe. This I think, is one of the main accomplishments of the journals. Many of his experiences, as he frequently notes, are beyond words, and it is at times like these that he skilfully and gracefully jumps the hurdle. He documents his experiences with great precision and detail, with the lens of artist. He manages to reveal to us great abstract worlds, which is a monumental task but at the same time, does so with ease. Some of the scenes he describes will leave you with beautiful visions stirring in your minds eye, and a sense of awe to travel there too!

I found myself smiling with joy as I read certain passages and it left me with a sense of awe, anticipation, inspiration and at the same deep recognition and familiarity.

A truly fascinating, reassuring, generous book, I recommend this to anyone who knows there is more to our physical existence and wishes to hear the voice of someone who has dedicated their life to breaking through the barriers.

Worlds away from other literature of its genre.

This is a fascinating and down to earth read. The book takes the form of travel journals rather than the uber-cheesy hippy meanderings embraced in the 90s. Jurgen's experiences are communicated with humour and wisdom and I would not be surprised if the left brainers among us enjoy it as much as those who like to contemplate aspects of reality that empiricists would neglect to examine. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in exploring what we spend a third of our life doing. This is for those who seek adventure and intrigue minus the no-shoes attitude that has monopolised the genre for so long.

Multi-dimensionally brilliant

What a fabulous book. A practical, down-to-earth, fascinating and essential guide to the nature of other-dimensional travel. Certainly a breath of fresh air for the genre, it eschews the usual lightweight maundering of its contemporaries while maintaining a lightness of touch in the writing. There is real wisdom here, and wit; the book reads as a collection of journals rather than an adventure story - though adventure is exactly what it offers. Cannot be recommended highly enough.


The most intense and intricate book I've read on the subject. Truly interesing material, just as is Robert Monroe's books on the subject as well. Highly recommended.

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Very inspirational book

"Inspiring" is an understatement for this book, it is quite an uplifting and concise description of worlds yet unseen (or unremembered), reading it sparks a driving motivation for any reader to strive for their own experiences which other books do not bring. I enjoyed the fact that the author didn't waste time trying to convince us of the legitimacy of his claims; for those of us already knowledgeable in such matters it can be tedious to read an entire book wherein the author describes in acute detail how they witnessed and verified insignificant events via ESP. This book does not do that, thankfully, and instead provides us with glittering descriptions and very accurate observations of higher-dimensional mechanics. The author offers descriptions and analysis with an absence of heavy bias and sticks to "telling it like it is". The down-to-earth human approach is what makes this book unique among its genre, no cold and limiting scientific catagorization and no religious or New Age mystical fuzz. The author keeps his style relatable and realistic throughout the book, even in the midst of such fantastical anecdotes. There are quite a few printing errors but nothing that will obscure meanings. If you are looking for techniques on how to achieve extra-dimensional travel then this is not the book you need, but by all means read it if you're aspiring to be a traveler as you won't find any better fountain of inspiration and encouragement.

Absolutely worth reading and inspiring

“This book helped me understand some of my own experience and motivates me to practise meditation more regularly. Like no other book I've read, it provides a colourful insight into "the world that awaits us after death". (And we're all going there, aren't we?!) I even profitted from the author's findings and tips in my own dreams.”

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that this work was a documentary of a man's journeys-beyond.

if you are like me, with a feeling, a knowing, that we are more than flesh and bones, more than a casual thought, only to be planted in the ground and never to bloom again... Then, this candid account by Mr. Ziewe is a must read.

Jurgen has been gracious enough to share his enlightening experiences with us, experiances that are open to all of us, even before our time here expires.”

Accurate account of what awaits most of us after death

This book is a must read for anybody who wants to know what likely awaits us after this life is up. This book, though it's basically filled with anecdotal accounts of a single individual's experience, is still one of the most valuable reads pertaining to life after death. From my own personal accounts of what I can recall as being a few brief visitations during my dreams from a few deceased loved ones, combined with many individual accounts from various other afterlife books that I've read I really think that Multidimensional Man may be one of the most accurate books out there. In fact I've found this book to give a more detailed and accurate account of the afterlife than most other books, including even those with more scientific inquiry, and I'm generally a sceptical person concerning anecdotal experiences being entirely reliable.

This book clearly demonstrates that there are many falsehoods floating around out there, even on websites dedicated to the afterlife. The notion that 'most average decent open-minded' people will go to the third realm (Summerlands if you will) after passing on does indeed seem to be a falsehood. I don't want to be a spoiler so I will not post too much more about the book here. This book is an excellent and detailed account of the various possibilities which potentially await us in a truly multidimensional universe. After reading this book you'll realize indeed that truth is much stranger than fiction. I also like the fact that the author is not afraid to bring up subject matter many will regard as inconvenient vs feel good propaganda. I've estimated myself to have read over two hundred books about life in the hereafter, and I would easily place Multidimensional Man in the best top five.

Best book of its kind I've ever read

I recently finished this fascinating book and only wish that he had others on the same theme to offer. Personally I felt it more interesting than Monroe and books on astral travel and quite believable in an incredible kind of way and I easily journeyed with him on his wondrous adventures in other dimensions which frequently began with a lucid dream although another reviewer thought it all lucid dreaming. I also liked his open attitude to the experience and indications of the influence of the late spiritual speaker Jiddu Krishnamurti. Highly recommended for astral travel or lucid dream enthusiasts.


I've been curious as to what is in "other dimensions" or in the "astral" and have been gathering information and teaching material on how to do Out of Body travel. This book is an interesting glimpse into Jurgen Ziewe's experience, but the more I learn, especially from Tom Campbell's book and youtube videos, the more I come to understand that each of us has our own perceptions and experiences.

The writing is smooth and easy to read, there is great information laced within as to techniques. I tried to find some Youtube videos to download and watch, but I think the videos are primarily on another format, maybe Vimeo?, and I couldn't figure out how to download those.

I would still recommend anyone wanting to learn about OBE to start with Robert Monroe's second book, and to check out some of the free audios of the Explorer sessions at TMI, but for a very detailed, pleasant and informative read of one person's OBE experiences, this book is perfect and is one of some very good books that have recently blossomed on the OBE topic. I hope Mr Ziewe will have some podcast interviews in the near future, I'd like to hear more from him.

For a structured view of what is beyond our physical reality, one must see Tom Campbell's youtube vidoes, especially the Ireland talks on OBE, and his book My Big Toe will explain Virtual Reality. Then all the other OBE books are put into a framework and you can easier see relationships and differences between various author's OBE experiences and descriptions.

A New Model of the Universe

Jurgen Ziewe shares the remarkable out of body / astral travel experiences prompted by his rigorous meditation practice. I enjoyed this book immensely as Ziewe takes us along on his journey through multidimensional reality. His stories are often intriguing and sometimes very humorous. I highly recommend this book to those who are interested in meditation and extraordinary states of consciousness.

A Must Read

Jurgen Ziewe provides an absolutely genuine eye witness account of his explorations in other states of consciousness. If you're considering this book, you can expect rich descriptions of experiences that are quite frankly unimaginable to the average person but also truly inspiring and very liberating if one is open to consider the possibility.