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  1.     Own experience is paramount

  2.     How OBEs transforms our perception of death

  3.     The reality of non-physical life

  4.     Multidimensional travel is a natural potential within all of us

  5.     How to attain super awareness during OBEs

  6.     Misconceptions and cliches about the afterlife

  7.     How people experience their new (after)life shortly after death

  8.     Finding proof is possible but often not via the designed methods


  1.     More about what really happens after death

  2.     Widespread ignorance about our afterlife conditions causes suffering

  3.     Characteristics of the intermediate dimensions

  4.     Self-actualisation and characteristic of the higher dimensions

  5.     The higher dimensions are experienced with an expanded state of consciousness and increased power

  6.     Societies on higher dimensions function differently because of changed dynamics and projected psychological attitudes

PART 3 - Questions & Answers

  1.     About meditation

  2.     Meeting your “Higher Self”

  3.     About consensus realities

  4.     OB travelers and permanent residents

  5.     OBE and psychic powers

  6.     Does OBE change your life?

  7.     The “Paradise” of a suicide bomber (visiting a suicide bomber in the afterlife)

  8.     Guidelines for the afterlife

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